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  1. Lol, I'm suddenly a troll because I point out things that do not sing the unbiased praises of this company and/or game and ask questions that deserve an honest answer? That's a bit low and uncalled for, don't you think? I could ask why you so passionately show up and without question, defend this game and company on an almost religious level. However, I get it - you enjoy the game and that's fine; I ask these questions because it's obviously a waste of time offering suggestions if this game has been abandoned or halted. Have you not read the Road Map threads? Are there not update details laid forth, far past their ETA and never implemented? Has anything been said for months? I'm not trying to be difficult, I'm simply pointing out what I see and openly asking questions. I play on PS4, but where exactly are you going with this decline in players angle? I never said that x amount of people have stopped playing; I'm talking specifically about this place here and the silence in regards to well, everything now. Does that not seem a bit off to you? About a fraction of the options from their previous poker game would probably be sufficient enough - easier to find and host tournaments, more than six players, incentives for placing high in ranked play and the reworking of ranked play on several different levels, getting rid of the showing that you're about to fold or bet before it's your turn - such actions would get you warned and then banned from any real poker room or you'd be ostracized by the entire table and forced to leave in shame, and the list goes on, etc. etc. But either way, it doesn't matter at all what I suggest or anyone suggests if the game isn't going to be updated anymore. Some of us would like to know and I don't think that is too much to ask for.
  2. I'll just throw this out here again; would it honestly be too much to ask whether or not this game has been abandoned, defunded, shelved, or whatever may have happened to it? Obviously something didn't go quite as planned and yes, I'm also sure it's likely out of anyone here's control, but to have all of these updates planned/outlined and to not see a single word posted about them months after they were supposed to be implemented unfortunately doesn't exactly entice me to support the future endeavours of this company. Nothing has been said at all about this game, but Pipeworks's Twitter account has been promoting another game. However, the Twitter account specifically for Prominence hasn't seen activity since April of last year! https://mobile.twitter.com/pipeworks https://mobile.twitter.com/prominencepoker?lang=en I'd like to think that perhaps future progress and news regarding the next update (that of course my actual instincts tell me that we will never see) are simply delayed a bit, but that seems a bit off to me and until something is said otherwise, I'm going to go with the notion that this game is over and done, but will continue to run on auto-pilot for months, years, or wherever the virtual chip sales and boost sales dry up. With all due respect, I think consumers have the right to know - free game or not, it's still bad business in my opinion to promise and promote updates and not deliver. It is, without a doubt, infinitely worse when that happens and nothing is said, leaving everyone in the dark and bound to be even more disappointed in the end.
  3. I could go deep into my feelings regarding the gaming industry's monetization practices, but honestly, I'd personally have rather it not have been a "free" game to download, especially if being "free" does not allow us to offer constructive feedback/criticism and the hope for potential changes and/or future additions. I mean, I can play some run-of-the-mill free poker on my mobile or win/lose real money online at PokerStars, but I'd gladly pay between say $30-50 for a realistic console poker game with a good assortment of options/customizations and the ability to have tournaments that consist of more than just six players at once. I don't think my observations are unfair; this place has no doubt become something of a ghost town and as everyone can plainly see, nothing has been said about the future of the game and/or the road map updates for months now. That doesn't look so promising to me and respectfully speaking, I do think it's more than fair that we ask these questions and continue to ask similar ones in the future. I honestly think it is a good discussion to have and I respect your observations as well, even though we do not seem to fully agree. But hey, if we were all the same and all thought the same, the world would be a very boring place. Cheers and all the best!
  4. I do understand where you're coming from, but I disagree with one thing; this is most definitely not "evolution". If anything, it is devolution; evolution usually indicates a change moving forward, but this seems to have come to a full stop - nothing has been said for months and I'm afraid that does not instill any sort of hope within me. I unfortunately never got to play 'WSOP: Full House Pro' but it seems light-years ahead of 'Prominence' and that is what I am told by everyone who did play it - for instance, so many more customization options for both avatar and game, easier to find games, and even room enough for nine players! I do also understand that the developers may have their hands tied and further progression is somewhat out of their control as that all comes from those who write their pay-cheques, but we do have to ask: what is the future of this game and why aren't the proposed road map updates being discussed? Especially considering that it is months after their initial ETA. As philosopher Huey Lewis once said, "if this is it, please let me know..." I'm not trying to make it seem as though I hate the game; as I said, I had fun with it for what it was and it can still be fun with five other honest, like-minded players but I haven't any high hopes given the silence and the seemingly overall waning interest in the game as a whole. This game has so much potential, especially considering the previous title, so will we see any changes or shall we just wait around for another company to make a serious poker game?
  5. I'd be willing to bet (yes, really) that this game has been on auto-pilot since this past summer or somewhere around there. For all we know, the developers are sipping Mimosas on Tristan da Cunha with Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa. When was the last update released? When was the last time anything was said about an upcoming update? When was the last time the developers have said anything here? Unfortunately, quality poker is lacking within the console world; there is obviously something of a demand for it, but between this abandoned, sinking ship of a game that is overrun with blatant cheating and collusion and the flat, dull, and quite depressing environment of 'Pure Hold 'Em' where there are apparently more tumbleweeds than actual players, there are really no other options when it comes to real poker. And yes, I know that 'Four Kings Casino' has poker, but in my opinion... it eh, sucks on about sixty different levels and the poker is downright unplayable! 😞 It'd be nice if they just simply came right out and said, "hey, so sorry, due to a lack of funding/interest/whatever, we've decided to halt it all here and spend no further time with any more fixes or updates. Ah, but fear not, for you shall still be able to play and of course, buy chips from us! That is, until you stop buying them entirely and we are forced to pull the plug completely!". The game was fun for what it was and can still be fun with the right group of people but it's definitely not a serious poker emulation endeavour and we unfortunately may be waiting a very long time for one of those to actually arrive!
  6. -LN-

    Ring Game Buy-in Ranges

    I think up to x2 or x3 would be fine - it won't really change the way most treat ring games as a glorified round of bingo but when it comes to down to basics, I think what needs to be re-worked are the blinds. If someone joins in the middle of a hand, they should be required to either post in advance or wait - as it stands within the game now, if the seat to your right is vacant and someone joins in the middle of the hand when you're the BB, you get sucked into being the BB twice in a row. That isn't how actual games work in casinos and poker rooms - within the current set-up, people can easily take advantage and skip their blinds entirely. Also, will there ever be more than six players max at a table? I realise the venues aren't constructed to allow more seats, but nine or ten player ring games and tournaments would be a much welcomed addition. Cheers!
  7. -LN-


    I have yet to try ranked H2H matches, but since I cannot find suitable ranked tournaments as a Diamond, I have experimented a bit with the ring games. All in all, I suppose the biggest challenge is finding a table where people are actually playing poker and not a game of bingo. Now it may seem like a good thing in theory to have a table full of fish who are openly willing to donate, but it can be quite ridiculous in so many regards when more than half the table or the entire table calls every bet and raise or pushes all in pre-flop hoping to get lucky. That is what I see mostly - the more you raise your premium hands and the more disciplined you play, the more callers and suckouts you seem to encounter. Tournaments are all about survival and people within the Platinum and Diamond levels generally play more seriously, but in ring games, you either have to play extremely, almost excessively tight (and just hope that someone doesn't call your 10x BB raise when you're holding AA with 3-6o and hit their straight on the river) or play loose yourself and join them in the game of luck. They seem to operate in the opposite fashion of real poker where actual money is at stake. I'm definitely more of a tournament player myself and welcome again to the Diamond level. Cheers!
  8. It would be very difficult to slow roll someone in PP or most online games for that matter; there's a very limited, auto-programmed amount of time to make decisions and someone could be delayed for a variety of different reasons. That's definitely a good thing though! If online players had as much time as live players to make their decisions, most tournaments would carry on for an eternity! Some players may unintentionally "slow roll" and not even be aware of what is happening. Have a look at this video for instance: T.J. Cloutier is a long-time professional player and is not the type to slow roll someone, but he overlooked the fact that he had a spade, which gave him a flush on the river. He actually thought Phil Hellmuth had him beat after the call and of course, Hellmuth goes off the deep end and makes a scene. That's just Hellmuth being Hellmuth though; if anyone isn't familiar with his antics, you can find more than enough material on YouTube! Here is another example of a supposed "slow roll" against Hellmuth: It was definitely not a slow roll though; once again, Hellmuth just cannot fathom losing - especially against someone who doesn't have as much experience as himself. DaWiz_, in the video you posted, the first segment is a very shameful example of slow rolling someone intentionally - if karma hadn't stepped in and knocked the slow roller out of the tournament on the river, the remainder of his experience there would have been quite miserable to say the least. As for the Deeb versus Matusow situation - Deeb was just trying to be funny and as mentioned, probably wanted to see Matusow's reaction given his reputation at the table. Still, that doesn't excuse Deeb's behaviour in the matter. Matusow wasn't taunting him or being a bully; he did it all purely for the reaction and it soiled the vibe and ended the game entirely. Slow playing, trapping, and playing dumb against chip spewers, bullies, and the like is perfectly acceptable and is something every player should learn to do. You should always strive to get the best value out of your hand - especially if it cannot be beaten. If someone is willing to bet for you, by all means, let them do it and enjoy the end results! Going back to etiquette though, you will no doubt run into players who try to get under your skin and who will often display a bad sense of sportsmanship in the process. Yes, poker can be a battle and it is every person for themselves, but it's important to at least be moderately respectful of fellow players at the table and imagine how you would feel or react yourself if you were them and on the wrong end of a crucial or difficult hand. There's nothing wrong with showing a little emotion if you take down a huge pot, but a bit of modesty can go a long way - rubbing your win in the face of someone who has just lost is poor form - intentionally slow rolling them is basically just adding insult to injury.
  9. Slow rolling definitely isn't the same as slow playing your hand. In the case of the video, Mike Matusow went all in and his opponent had only two options - call or fold. When you have the best possible hand (as he did), you would instantly call, not act as though you were facing a difficult decision and lead your opponent into thinking they had a chance. Yes, also it can be considered slow rolling when you turn over the best possible hand one card at a time at the end - especially so if you insist that your opponent show his or her cards first. It's considered horrible, disrespectful poker etiquette - much like gloating endless over a win.
  10. -LN-

    Ranked Lobby Redesign

    Wow, this is excellent news! I cannot wait for these changes to take effect! Will they roll out for the start of the next season? +1 from me! If they do this, the game will evolve to a whole new level for me and so many others; we just need something to keep most Diamonds playing until the end and battling it out for the top positions. Really though, it's so refreshing to have read this thread; I am seriously impressed, excited, and very grateful for the upcoming changes. Thank you so much, Mike Kelly & Prominence Poker Team!
  11. If you think it's bad at Gold, wait until you hit Platinum or Diamond. Most Diamonds simply stop playing once they've made it there and finding anything "ideal" is nearly impossible at times. However, in regards to the matchmaking, the same thing has happened to me (being the only Diamond at an all Platinum table or being the only Platinum at an all Gold table) - I wrote about this in a different thread a couple of days ago. There seems to be a delay when it transitions from "ideal" to "good"; if you see the number quickly increase like that, just back out and reload. Otherwise you're likely to run into this scenario. I agree with you too; I don't want to play at tables with all lower tiers, so I constantly have to back out and reload when searching for matches. Good luck!
  12. Alright, I enjoy this game very much (when I can find a proper match), but honestly, I am a bit at the end of my rope when it comes to the end all result of ranked tournament play. Ranked tournaments are what I truly enjoy though; in fact they are the only thing that I actually play. I reached Diamond this past Sunday and yes, it does seem as though the vast majority of Diamonds simply stop playing once they've found their way into the tier - this season especially for some odd reason. It's depressing; I click on the screen to find a match and I am faced with two choices: settle for finding a "good" match where I end up at a table playing against all Platinum and am the only Diamond - which is incredibly risky and honestly not really worth the time and effort unless I am absolutely certain that I will place first or wait hours upon hours searching for an "ideal" match - usually being forced to give up and call it a night because there aren't any Diamonds willing to play. It doesn't matter to me what is actually added, but there really needs to be some sort of incentive or incentives to keep people playing once they've reached the Diamond Level. At this point, it comes off as a dead end, as in: congratulations, you've barely made your way into Diamonds; we will see you next season when you come back to claim the same rewards you received last season. I honestly don't care about chips myself; I'll never be able to spend a fraction of what I currently have, but there should be something in the mix so that everyone doesn't just retire until the new season starts. We have groups on PSN that attempt to gather Diamonds to queue up for matches when enough of us are online, but we're a very small minority and lately no one seems keen on playing at all out of fear of being screwed over by the matchmaking. I actually dropped to Platinum today - I was searching long for a match - it initially said "ideal" but apparently it switched to "good" because I was the only Diamond there - it actually filled up rather quickly, which was surprising because I had maybe three matches at most for "good" earlier when I didn't back out quickly enough. During this game I lost in the absolute most stereotypical fashion - KK on the button against the BB's AA. Whatever though, I'll either make it back up through playing a couple of Platinum games this week or I won't and that's fine too. I'm not even upset about the game. However, I am irritated at the matchmaking structure and I do think the game would benefit astronomically if we could: 1) have clear options not to be placed at tables with all lower tiers and 2) have something, anything to keep Diamond players playing until the end of the season. Many good ideas have already been put forth here, but please, if you decide to do anything to this game, please consider giving Ranked Tournament play a nice makeover. As I said, I have enjoyed this game very much and I know that many other ranked tournament players have as well, but there simply isn't anything to keep the vast majority interested in playing once they've made their way into Diamonds. Thank you!
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    -LN- checking in

    Cheers! Thanks for the welcome and kind words, Shoogaboogs!
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    -LN- checking in

    -LN- checking in Hello, my name is LN and I'm addicted to poker. Eh, well, maybe not addicted, but I started playing this game towards the end of last season and managed to finish within the Diamond Level of Ranked Tournament play. As for actual poker itself, I've been playing for a very long time; I initially learned how to play five card draw, five card stud, and seven card stud when I were about six years old. Afterwards, I learned Hold 'Em, Omaha, and several other variants. I don't consider myself an excellent player, but I have lots of experience and I even lived in Las Vegas for a brief period of time and made a living managed to barely survive from playing smaller staked games. All in all, I suppose I have more experience playing cash games, but I play mostly tournaments on Prominence Poker. Despite having played for almost three decades, I can say that I still learn new things here and there every time I play and I'm always looking to improve my game. Despite no real money being at stake (unless you've purchased chips), I feel as though this game captures a nice semi-realistic poker experience. The AI players from the solo games seem a bit too easy at times, but unfortunately, I feel as though it's nearly impossible to program NPCs to play like actual players. Even so, the team who created this game have done an excellent job and I find myself playing more and more every day that I can. I play on PS4 and if you'd ever like to play sometime, drop me a line and we'll set something up! Cheers and best of luck to everyone this season!