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  1. You've got a pretty small sample size there. I've played a lot of tables that are as you describe. But I've also played a lot of tables that are not. Stick with it and I think you'll see that it isn't always like that. Not everyone plays so tightly. Good luck!
  2. The last tournament I played had 1 player with their level over 17000 and another with over 15000. How is that even possible?
  3. Woollybug1816

    Ranked Lobby Redesign

    I am not opposed to that idea but with a couple of tweaks. I don't want to see spammed tournament invitations if I'm already sitting at a tournament table. If the invitations either were only sent to those folks who weren't already in ranked game I think it would be beneficial. I've joined ring games when I haven't been able to get in to a tournament before but I'll always play ranked tournaments if available. So...give me a list of people active in the game, have each player's ranking visible and allow me to select people to invite as you suggest.
  4. Woollybug1816

    Ranked Lobby Redesign

    I really like not having to jump in and out of the lobby to keep trying to find a table that is the same rank as me. This change has had more of an effect than any others on my enjoyment of this game. It's huge. One other thing that I think could be beneficial is a number of the people currently playing ranked games at any given time. It'd be nice to see how many people are active to see how likely it's going to be to get a full table.
  5. Woollybug1816

    Ranked Lobby Redesign

    The ranked lobby redesign is the bees knees! Great job to the team!
  6. Woollybug1816

    Ranked Lobby Redesign

    Looks great on Steam. What's the ETA on Xbox?
  7. Thanks, John. I've read all the posts in the roadmap and like the changes that are coming to the lobby. I just didn't think it was possible with the way things were currently designed for what I explained to happen. I guess it is.
  8. The way I understand the current matchmaking system with ranked tournaments is that an ideal match is within your current tier. Let the cards spin around the chip long enough and you end up opening up to a tier on either side. The last 2 nights, I've kept my matchmaking at making an ideal match and have ended up at tables with 5 players in my tier and 1 in the next lower tier, which I didn't think was supposed to happen. Can anyone help me out with an explanation?
  9. Woollybug1816

    Ranked Lobby Redesign

    Thanks for the response, Mike. Keep up the good work!
  10. Woollybug1816

    Ranked Lobby Redesign

    It appears that provisional players are currently placed in an appropriate tier based on last season's performance. How will provisional players be seated until their official ranking is established? I really like the sound of these upcoming changes!
  11. Woollybug1816

    Just Checling

    Seems to be.
  12. Loot cases...When you open your last one it returns to the loot case screen. I'd like it to return to the home page.
  13. The follow feature you mentioned would work just fine. Thanks for the response!
  14. Woollybug1816

    Sit Out Icon

    Changing it to 1 or 2 would be a welcome change in my opinion.