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  1. IMO card randomizer is odd in this game. Too many things are predictable and should not be. And no it's not that it just happens to me I observe patterns for the overall game play. I'm sure some "expert" will disagree but I really don't care. Just wish there was a more choices for poker on the PS4 platform.
  2. I don't know if Pazzie has the right take on the dealing the winner out of the gate but I understand exactly what he is seeing. It is pretty obvious when the same one or two people pair up or better practically every hand. Yet some of us sit there and struggle to make bottom pair on the board. I can go 20 or more hands and never pair up anything, this is not an usual occurrence. I played a 6 person tourney recently, there were 5 of us left and a hand comes up with everyone at the table all in except me. I was not in the hand. The player who had been consistently winning hands, not by bluffing, needed a heart on the river to get a flush or he'd lose. Of course he hit the flush. The game wasn't that old so the blinds weren't very high. That left just me and him I lasted maybe 10 minutes more and never won a hand. He didn't play aggressive so I had plenty of chances to make a hand or two. I couldn't. I didn't expect to win with his chip lead but I thought I could make a couple of hands work. My previous post still stands in my mind. It's just a grind t play this game for some of us.
  3. I've been playing here for awhile now and have observed the following. There is something to the thought that there is something to the way this game works. It's not normal from my observation. I am one of those that has to grind and grind for anything. I can play for over an hour in a tournament and never win a hand. Yet I see the same one or two players consistently win hands with better delt hands. It's rare that I can pair any card, whether I play the hand or not. If I do hit it's usually the low pair on the board. If I get a face cards is a pretty sure bet the cards on the table will be number cards. If I get number cards you'll see face cars on the table. If I get suited cards I will be very lucky if one of that suits hits the table. I see one or two players in every tournament that hit cards regularly. Bluffing is very hard when you have the worst hand. On occasion I will get into a winning situation and I get kicked out with an "authentication error". I will have been in the tournament an hour or more and get knocked out with this and cannot rejoin the tournament. Yes It's differnt with this game from other places I have played.