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  1. Yeah I figured it out lol just never noticed it before. Thanks
  2. How can you even tell anymore . Unless gold silver or something. I was 1154 against all gold players won12 points for a 1st place. Then latter was 1185 and went out 6th again against all gold players and LOST 38 points the math just doesn't work out. Like someone else has said I can't pick who I play against . I can't back out after the game has started. I don't really care anymore I still play and shake my head when my points pop up. But you are right if you just win every game you'll be just fine.
  3. UMMMMMMM Lets start over here. Isn't the title to this thread THE ONE PROBLEM I HAVE WITH RANKED GAMES? So maybe you just a hypothetical POS who likes to bash others. Either you have a problem with it or you don't. I'm kinda LOST here.
  4. I just played a game Ideal match all gold players I won and was awarded 12 points the player I beat was awarded 18 points. I asked. Yeah the ranking system is just wonderful . I was around 1150 so no one was more then 50 ranks away 2 hrs 12 points for a win. Thankfully I didn't place 2nd and lose points.
  5. So let me try to understand you because English is a fourth language for me. You like the ranking system right up to the time you don't when it goes against you hmmm. I think I'm starting to understand you now. Thanks ha
  6. WHAT I've been saying this forever and you gave me guff about it the whole time. You know losing points when coming in 2nd . 2nd place winning more points then the winner. Ha I have a whole thread on it . You know your whole chess ranking shit, funny stuff ha. What's next are you going to tell us about your AA getting cracked?
  7. I'll tell you what I'll answer yours when you. Answer mine. Do you think it's fair if you lose point when finishing in 2nd place or 3rd for that matter. I Did again tonight. LOST 2 point for a 2nd that was told was a ideal match the person who won was 39 ranks lower them me both gold I LOST 2 points she won 36 how can anyone explain that to me.
  8. Lets see I paid for my Xbox I paid for my Xbox gold that let me download the game so yeah I paid for it. As for explaining the point system I've seen what's been said . I still think it b's losing points for a 2nd place 3rd place is wrong I don't care if I'm playing against the blind sisters of the poor. I don't think there is any way you can say that it right. It's not the end of the world. Doesn't mean I can't bitch about what I see as a wrong either.
  9. Ha you got this all wrong.. I don't care about the losing it happens. I'm not constantly losing. I play tourneys because I like them . All I'm trying to say is the ranking system is a steaming pile and that losing points for getting 2n place is wrong. Is it end of the world wrong no. But if someone doesn't bitch about it. It won't ever get fixed. I like the ranking system it lets you play against better players it a good ideal but I'd like it to at the very least have some kind of CONSISTENCY. I want rewarded for my good play I don't mind getting bashed for losing but I just got a 4th place and I LOST 1 point better then my - 2 for a 2nd place.
  10. Maybe this game just hates me lmao lost 2 point for finishing 2 . The person i lost to was 30 ranks lower then me two were higher the rest were close. I know I know i shouldn't play ranked tourneys but I do It doesn't mean I can't complain when I see something wrong with it. And if you think it's right that I LOST points for a 2nd place finish after playing for about 2 hrs then I don't know what to say. I payed for this game I'd like it to be at least fair.
  11. Challenges reset I don't no why but all my challenges reset like I just started . They are all lvl one. Got rep for winning one hand folding one hand strange.
  12. Ok im platinum i can hardly even get a game on Xbox. 17 players I ideal match 1 good match 2 so I sit a wait some times a he or more just to get a game. I've never seen a bronze player since I was silver. So if I want to play it gold and platinum players. I put out 30,20,10, 10 ,20,30 as a base it could be anything really I just want to know that I won't lose points for placing 2nd witch I have or losing point for placing 3 witch I have. And it wasn't against bronze players it was 3 platinum and 3 gold. I like playing tourneys I do it what I play 99 percent of the time. I would just like the points system to be have a bit of CONSISTENCY .