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  1. Welcome to the game, and the ...peaceful... forum. Congrats on diamond. That's a fantastic way to start the game. If only I'd known from the start how lucrative it is to get ranked.... Good luck n have fun!
  2. Pardon me, I'm noob... Genuinely curious, what differences require adjustment between the playstyles of those regions? On topic: was the OP a trolling dev in disguise? Because, I mean, wow, that complaint is so illogical it hurts. There should be no "but" after "...free to play..." Not only is it free to play, it's free to win. As far as I can tell, the micro-transactions are of no consequence in this game. They do not make you a better player nor give any unfair advantage, and are not required to advance, whatsoever. To those who do buy chips begrudgingly, think of it as a way of saying thanks, though. Think of it as donating to the people who made a free game so freaking good that you voluntarily used your real money to buy something this free game gives you for freeeee on a daily basis. P.s. this thread much necro...
  3. Indeed, the icons do show up on the bottom right on the main menu, but I believe Mazza was asking what each icon means.
  4. Am wondering if some people are superstitious and think refills improve your luck with the cards Otherwise, my bet is that since refill prices were dropped, people are spamming them for the rep to level more quickly and earn the loot cases. (Is "earn" an oxymoron there?) I'm still noob and still kinda broke, so I don't do it often, but the most rep I've gotten for a table refill was 4k, so far, which was a pretty nice chunk for $3k (if I'm remembering correctly)
  5. If you go to HELP & OPTIONS, then to HOW TO PLAY, you'll see EVENTS at the bottom. That's where you'll find the legend for daily boosts. Happy pokering
  6. Yes, indeed enjoying it, and thanks for the welcome
  7. Ahoyhoy, kinda newish here.... and to poker in general; only other way I've played is via Red Dead Redemption. I'd like to play in real life some day, see if I can turn some of the hubby's beer money into a lot more beer money. I figure this might be good practice, though I doubt I'd ever be lucky enough to get back-to-back ace high flushes in real life.