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  1. Red and his P90

    Tournament Lag Outs

    Thanks for responding. Might be on my end then.
  2. Red and his P90

    Tournament Lag Outs

    Thanks Clear I appreciate it. Comcast can be spotty up here in the Midwest so I'm not sure if it's on my end or not.
  3. Red and his P90

    Tournament Lag Outs

    Most of the complaints I saw before the update were people sitting out intentionally to try and survive into the top 3. I'm talking about a loss of connection while playing.
  4. Tournament Lag Outs Has anybody else had issues with getting dropped from tournaments since the update? I've had a decent number of drop outs and loading back in that I rarely got before.
  5. Red and his P90

    Diamonds Update News Coming Soon

    No argument intended. Not sure where you got I was looking for one. Good luck on the tables.
  6. I ran into this yesterday too. One guy gave the table close to 40 refills. I've seen people do it and sometimes myself, but that's just once or twice a day.
  7. Red and his P90

    Diamond affiliation

    I like the idea of a yacht/boat. Would fit in with the theme - wealthy poker gangs having a tournament on a luxury yacht.
  8. Red and his P90

    Level Up

    Never heard of that. If you haven't reached the top of your current rank Affiliate you should still get rep in multiplayer. Did you open a ticket for it?
  9. Red and his P90

    Bonjour amigos!

    Welcome to the site! Hope you are enjoying poker so far.
  10. Love the update! The head to head table outside on the balcony of the diamonds is extra sexy.
  11. You all got it tonight on PS4 already? Microsoft is lame I guess. I don't have it.
  12. The console update has been submitted for certification, should be out next week.
  13. Red and his P90

    New Emotes

    This. Something to express silliness at the shenanigans that go on at some tables.
  14. I would have struggled to call there as well. With 4 in a row on the board its rough to call with the low end. I might've called depending on how the table was playing, but in most cases I probably fold there as well. I guess you could have pushed insanely hard on the flop to try and push everybody out. I would've done what you did 90% of the time.
  15. One of my buddies sent me this picture earlier today. Had to go to the bathroom in a tournament... and came back to folded Aces.