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  1. I went full tilt, lost 7.8 million in about a span of 3 days. I just did not care anymore. Maybe one day i'll be back? I only check in every once in awhile for game breaking news. Other fun free games to play right now, Super mega baseball 2, and darwin project surprisingly. 505 & pipeworks creates fun games, maybe they are taking this game to the next level with a deeper successor, or maybe this is the best it is going to get? I will say, the loot boxes kinda killed it for me, took the sense of prestige out of owning pricey items. Now any ole Dick or Harry has awesome gear. Not to mentioned the amount of times I upgraded to the super-ultimate-mega-elite box just to get some lame ass item that usually cost 70k. This game could have done without loot boxes.
  2. Press the select button to join game chat, then you can see the "speaker" above their head. You can already do a private ring game.
  3. Please elaborate how me putting my credit card into the game is gonna give me any better hole cards, a flop, turn and river? In addition, if I continue to wax low-level players, does that make me the chosen one? If so, I feel honored.
  4. Define "best diamond players", because to me diamond is diamond... when I was 1308, it was good enough to be 4th in the world for that season, and I felt no need to risk it to be #1. Now days, I just have no incentive to push for diamond, as the golden stogie and "legendary" nickname was the only reason I did it in the first place. I always start to climb the ranks in new seasons, and then I just say ehh whats the point, and go play ring for a million
  5. This may sound silly, but I would like the idea of the way Pokemon Go fought for gyms. Have something similar to that, where you try to get your affiliation on top. I do not know what kind of criteria could allow this, but in theory, I would like to compete for my affiliation.
  6. Today's PP twitter post got me thinking... Would it be possible to rotate the reward for diamond, and create new diamond reward item. If it is rotated every season, then the opportunity to earn the golden stogie wont be completely eliminated, you would just have to wait for it to come back around. My suggestions for new diamond items would be some sort of wearable item, tattoo, crazy season long boost of like 200%, or table item (even though I can't think of one cooler than the golden stogie). Eager to hear yals suggestions
  7. I did exactly this for my friend who was brand new to the game, so I am guilty
  8. Ahh dang, I was sure looking forward to telling people from Europe "Yo mamma so fat jokes"
  9. Please don't lol, trolls are gonna go nuts and look like they are having seizures
  10. I am not scared of collusion, it does not prevent me from playing the hand that I am dealt well. For example, if I have a full house, flush, or good hand in general, no amount of collusion is going to prevent that. IMO (speaking from experience, the one time my brother talked me into colluding), colluding players actually hurt each others chances of winning, as I often found myself folding good hole cards because my brother's was "better", or not raising because I did not want to "push him out" of a hand, to keep us both alive. I have even joined a party chat of these two players who tried to get me to collude, and I simply trolled them when I whipped their tails. In sum, colluding provides no advantage, and even creates a local disadvantage to the colluding players via conflict of interest. If I have a bad hole cards, I will fold, if I have a bad flop, I will fold again, and even if all five of my opponents are colluding, it would not make a difference. I'll beat all 5 of them.
  11. Wow, I mean... wow. Enjoy everyone! Have a merry Christmas!
  12. Here we go again... Play stronger, make them fold or leave the table
  13. Yeah I try to induce as many people as possible to fold, my goal is to make my opponents "think" I have the best hand. Many players on PP are weak, this is why I enjoy playing against good comp. Higher the stakes, the less "bingo" occurs. I do not mind losing millions, because I know the law of probability will eventually reward my educated play. That is why chip variance is so important, cant expect to go up millions if you do not expect to lose millions.