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  1. And for those hands I love poker!! ❤️
  2. Had the same 2 days ago. The game was unplayable
  3. PocketAces94

    Xbox Gamertag collection

    Hey i thought we could make a collection where everybody who is looking for mates adds his Gamertag. Hope we get some players together. 👍 Gamertag: PocketAces94 Level: 103 Preferred mode: Tournament
  4. PocketAces94

    I have won 350k Chips!

    Ty but still waiting on an answer Edit: Got it right now! 👍
  5. It is fair enough! If they play 80 Percent of her hole cards until the end, than it's normal that they get many bad beats! 👍
  6. Yes! I have won 350k Chips by retweet a Post on Twitter! 💪😄
  7. PocketAces94

    diamond affiliation

    It's coming soon.
  8. But in PLO you will see the stupid donkers will Raise and Raise and Raise and Raise so Long that its a pre flop all in 🙈😂
  9. But with 27 Players you can't play how long you want to wait for a full room?
  10. And make no sense, but in my mind all players have the same chance. With every BAD BEAT there is one GOOD BEAT
  11. PocketAces94

    Just for Fun / Low Stack Tournament

    Just for Fun / Low Stack Tournament