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  1. I noticed today that the billionaire trophy has 0.1%. I am pretty sure it was still at 0.0% last week. or am I wrong and somebody has had it for awhile.
  2. I just played a game the blinds reached 2800 I have seen this twice. just curious what is the highest blinds you have paid.
  3. I just played a game the blinds reached 2800 I have seen this twice. just curious what is the highest blinds you have paid.
  4. The badge color is your current rank. The # inside the badge is the order of the chip leaders for your current game.
  5. As I worked my way through gold. I only played other gold except once. When I took first I would get 30 points 2nd 18 points. 3rd 6 points. 4th -6. 5th -18 and 6th -30. The one game I played with 4 gold and provisional I took and got 28 points.
  6. The chip stack does completely disappear for maybe 1 minute than reappears it does say they what there chip count is but no stack. I am on the PS4. Not sure if the glitch is on pc or Xbox.
  7. I have seen this happen to me a few times recently just as warp said but there is a glitch at times that the remaing chips the person has left won't show up for a cpl of hands than reappears.
  8. Two things I have never received any rep for attire and I just won a gold tourney match and did get 76000 for winning
  9. When I was in bronze tournament. I noticed it more. But I folded a lot in bronze folding hands I may have played if it was in silver or higher. Because the pre-flop price could be all-in. I have noticed silver I fold a lot but I also get a lot of clairvoyant rep. I agree with warp. You just notice the times it happens.
  10. No what I am saying when people fold the entire game because they just enter than sit out. I can get rank points easy by beating them but at the same time what's the fun in that. My options are just quit the game and lose rank points. Which I could do. Or I could sit and min raise until the bust. To me neither option seems fitting I like to win or lose because I actually played decent players yesterday was the first time I played with more than one of them at table. One is annoying but two really annoying. And yes I am complaining about winning if I win I don't want it just handed to me
  11. I just played a game with two of them and I eventfully won but they took second and third in a ranked match it took a half hour more to beat them. I understand this is legal in poker to fold every hand but come on they don't contribute to the game and they move up in ranks cuz they choose not to play it's annoying. Not only for me to seat there and raise them until I finally beat them, but the other players who actually played to lose to what I consider a bot is wrong. Please make a limit before they removed from the game even 20 min then you are booted it's not right.
  12. Yeah true ppl do play over aggressively but I would not say give many extra points maybe 3 or so. Still going out in 4th place you would still lose rank points overall. And I do win tourneys.
  13. I think getting a few more extra points per KO in ranked tourneys would be cool. I take second a lot and I do KO a cpl of players along the way. And maybe give the players who auto fold the whole a little more incentive to play a few hands. Just a thought. What do you guys think.