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  1. Comparing playing Hold ‘Em professionally to playing Prominence Hold ‘Em is a stretch to begin with. While some players may have bought chips to buffer their stacks so that they can play in the high stakes ring games, there is no “real” money involved in these games. It is a very loose environment in most cases and trying to apply the same playing style you would use at the Bellagio lends itself to seeing bad beat after bad beat. I see a regular cast of characters at many of the $1M/$2M tables after playing this game for several years and I respect many of them because they play smart, tight poker. Bad beats happen so often because so many hands in ring games go to the river. How people don’t get that is beyond me. There is no rigging and the game engine is solid. Either you can handle the loose play from some, or you can’t. It’s that simple. Hell, I play loose some nights just to rankle people. I got dealt four pocket pairs out of six hands the other night, flopped trips on two of those four, and busted AK in a pre-flop all-in race. That’s pretty much a coin flip. The guy I busted called me a hacker, etc... Nope, just poker.
  2. Gotta say, the meat locker is my least favorite venue also. The chopping, the screaming, the wet slapping sounds, the grinder turning on and off all the time...not to mention the DJ. That guy sounds like a reject from "Vladivostok FM." "With total sleep readiness achieved..."
  3. What platform do you game on? For XOne, to mute players while at the table, simply press the right trigger and use the left analog stick to highlight individual players. Above the player's head you will see a speaker icon that can be toggled to mute by pressing the X button. Repeat this step for each player you wish to mute.