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  1. no i relogged and lost the buyin charges...and believe it or not i was the chip leader. i wish i could be reimbursed, if not i understand. thanks for replying
  2. hmm..seemed to be some kind of error we were all kicked....lost 20k....was the chip leader.
  3. mothecelt is on a rank gold tourney and hes holding the game up...not betting or folding....timer ran out and the spot is on him?....wth?
  4. also i plan on supporting more in the near future...told the wife, hey im a gamer and i support games i like. she gave the ok to purchase..lol!
  5. omg! just won my first tourney! it was epic! came down to one guy and I...we played seemed like forever! i was the chip leader mostly from the start then he took a hand... but i built back up somehow and won!! so exciting!! thank you for such a great poker experience!!
  6. So i want to thank you for the Tourist chip package. very affordable and i look forward to supporting this game for a long time. I havent been around long but im having a good time playing. find myself in the money alot playing ranked tourneys. lvl 25 and have played 17 and placed in the money 13 times. i have alot of exp. playing online poker. i just dont understand placing in the money and losing money...other poker sites ive played when you place in the money you at least make a grand or two. it doesnt make sense to me to actually lose a couple grand after youve placed in the money on a ranked tourney. throw us 3rd place winners a bone. i would love to be able to say buy table items and such as well as continue to enter more ranked tourneys. it just seems to be to strange to lose money when you place in the money.
  7. when you hold r2 and see your gold rating whats the # inside it mean?