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  1. Enjoying the newest update. Would just like to mention though that I find it rather difficult at times to find a Ranked Match within the Platinum Division. The wait time seems to be anywhere from 30 mins to an hour and some nights even more. I do enjoy the fact that the game searches through a lower bracket if no players in your division can be found but I was curious as to if there was any thought into maybe filling a table with as many "same division" players as possible and THEN searching the lower brackets. Being stuck with 4/6 Platinum Players only to just watch everyone leave can be frustrating. Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this post. Happy Gaming guys!
  2. Really like the changes made in this update! Hope to maybe see a few more venues added as possible DLC and perhaps some additional cosmetic items added to the "shop."
  3. Happy to have come across this game! Love seeing the community grow and already have a bunch of my friends addicted as well