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  1. Can somebody tell me, do characters have any animations with pistol or revolver table items? It will be nice to hear with wich table items characters can interact and with which ones don't, but yeah, my main question is about either pistol or revolver.
  2. This is my first forced quit from Prominence Poker, but I experienced this issue before. I am not sure, but I think so. Yes. I don't know what exactly provoke this issue, but I'll keep an eye on it.
  3. So I just caught this bug on video +another one. 0:05 - I have 1 Debugger left 1:40 - No Debuggers left here 3:45 - here is the bug (game freezed) 6:40 - relaunching game after alt+f4 6:50 - and here is somehow refilled Debugger (note that Pint O'IPA does not refilled)
  4. I am 100% sure that I have not received refills from players or developers. As far as I know, you can buy/gift just three item types - for 75 hands (2%), for 25 hands (5%) and for 10 hands (10%). But my items refills for just 2 or 5 hands somehow.
  5. So it should not autorefill. I experienced some sort of autorefill a few times. My Debugger refilled like three times, like that: 1. I equipped my Debugger (7 uses left) 2. I am playing, and noticed that I played more than 7 hands. 3. Then I am opened my shop and saw that it has like 30 hands left. My Pint O'IPA also refilled, but in a bit different way. I played with it equipped and then it's expired (0% rep boost, 0 hands left). I equipped another item and continued playing, but when I opened my shop again, I saw that my Pint has 5 more hands to use. I am pretty sure that nobody gift it to me. You can't even gift an item with less than 10 hands left. I am playing with this little menu-bar opened, so it could be it.
  6. And here is one more bug. Sometimes, when is my turn, and I am trying to check, the check/raise bar dissapears so it looks like I just checked. But after that, nothing happens. For me, game just freezed at my turn. But for other players, the game is going on. I can use emotes, I can exit or use the shop. I can even see emotes that other players show and how they are looking at their cards. But chips/cards are not moving, players aren't winning, nothing going on. I experienced this several times, but I am not sure yet how to provoke it.
  7. Hello. I have some questions about things that may be bugs. The first question is about table items. I have some pics below. №1, №2, №3 - here I have some items that costs 0 №4 - but when I am trying to buy those, their cost changes to 2000 №5, №6 - I have also some other items with cost 20000 The question is, do they autorefill somehow? Or can I refill them without any payment? If not, here is another question: As you can see, I have a cigarettes (№5) that I received as a gift from developer. They are marked as "Owned" but I haven't any of them left. So why are they marked as "Owned"? One more thing I want to say. When I am trying to gift, let's say, Debugger, to someone, sometimes it costs 0, and sometimes 2000. Is it free for the first purchase? Or, is that another bug? The second question is about Affiliation Rewards. Here is the image: What are those "Chips" means? Is that some amount of Chips? Because I have not received any from unlocking them.