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  1. Any plans to add this devs? That would make me incredibly happy.
  2. This weekend I lost a 7.5 million pot. I raised with 2 black Kings and got called by villain. Flop is K J 10. I bet he calls. Turn 8. I bet he calls. River Jack. I overbet shove. He calls and shows Jacks for rivered quads. FML.
  3. I will register at 10pm UK time every day this week and stay for 10 minutes in case anyone is interested.
  4. Just throwing it out there, it'd be good to get one going as I've never seen one in action.
  5. I used to run a poker collusion department for a well-known UK poker site so I feel that I am qualified to comment on this. I have absolutely no doubt that collusion takes place on Prominence. It'll happen everyday, I've seen it myself. 1) report button would be good but it's not essential, just screenshot the players involved and send them an email/twitter message. That's what I have done in the past. Player feedback is very important so I urge people to report anything dodgy. Describe the hand, why it looked odd, what time it took place etc. Makes it easier for the guys to investigate 2) banning party chat doesn't really help as people have already stated, telephones/instant messenger exists so cheaters will just use that 3) I really doubt the guys at Promince Poker have a dedicated poker collusion team looking at this. Like I say I used to work for a company dealing with real-money and to say we were understaffed is putting it lightly. I would guess maybe one person looks at it occasionally 4) I would suggest said person look at high stakes heads-up cash games and SnGs (there can't be that many >500k buy-in being played) to see if any suspect play is occurring/chips are being passed. Might help you find some players who have been ganging up on others and are then redistributing the chips. This of course doesn't help with lower stakes but it would be the easiest place to start probably 5) Other thing that should be looked at are whether suspected players frequently sit down at/leave the same table together. That's an easy giveaway that something is dodgy 6) Devs should be transparent with their collusion policy to give players faith in the software. What happens to players found guilty etc. Are players refunded who were victims? Are guilty players banned permanently? This needs to be made clear If any of the devs ever want any help/ideas on how best to tackle collusion then please feel free to drop me a message.
  6. People reducing/banking money and sitting back down. Fk that. Tilts me so much. But you already knew that :-D
  7. I hope both because I've done exactly the same. I presume that will be the case.
  8. I tend to comment favourably on posts by Zanato and a few others as opposed to those who think banning players for going all-in is a good idea. In one of my other posts I describe how I've lost millions this month so I'm not immune to running bad. Too many cry babies on here. It's fine - you'll have the support of fellow moaners and the sensible people will agree with me. Everybody's happy.
  9. This is the most ridiculous post I've seen on this forum (and there are a lot). Let's ban a player because they went all-in every hand and beat you. What a great idea.
  10. People still complaining about players being sat out LOL. It's like you're getting an extra 1/6th of the prize pool for free, I wish it happened in every tournament. Just play against the other 4 players. It's not f**king rocket science.
  11. Nothing to do with ego, I make as many mistakes as the next person and I don't think that I'm anything other than an average player. In fact I've lost f**king millions this past month but you don't see me moaning about bad beats. I'm just grinding back up.