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  1. play a tournament, they are scheduled and there are no computer players in their tournaments.
  2. I only play Pure Hold Em now myself and with colder weather setting in I will be trying to get into to some scheduled tournaments, I hope to see you at the cheaper ones, my bankroll there is only 600k, lol.
  3. I prefer Pure Hold Em over Prominence just too many bells and whistles in PP for my taste.
  4. very good post, you literary took the words right out of my mouth.
  5. playing ring games can really make you a more balanced poker player. I love having people at my ring table with more chips then I have, especially if they're mine. If they don't leave right away I can recover my lost chips either from the person that took them or somebody else most times. After you learn some of the strategy those players are using you can apply it to tournament play. Unfortunately in this game, unless you know enough skilled cash game players that's very hard to accomplish.
  6. It's all for play money here at PP so like I mentioned in the past, some players won't respect your raises no matter how big or small they may be or when they happen during the course of any given hand. Additionally they will call about 80 to 90 percent of their starting hands resulting in some crazy outcomes because nobodys folding to any bets whatsoever. The frustration is understandable that's for sure, just try to have fun and be thankful that it isn't real money.
  7. duplcates are getting annoying as well, my last 4 out of 5 cases were the same item.
  8. yeah it's mostly chips for me too wether I upgrade or not.
  9. As long as my voice isn't being broadcasted I wouldn't mind being in a game like that, I'm not tech savy enough to do that myself though.
  10. In any form of online poker wether it would be for real money or play money it has been my experience that they never really go away at all, they just keep coming.
  11. I could handle 5 minute increases in blinds, but that would be the fastest I would want them at. I think Pokerstars still has turbo tournaments that has blinds going up every 3 minutes, which I have tried in the past and just never played well enough in. I'm usually card dead the first half hour of most of my tournaments and naturally if you don't figure out a way to take some pots by then in those your chances of a top 3 finish are usually very slim.
  12. Wait until they make the blinds go up every time a player gets knocked out of a tournament. Every player will just go all in every hand pre flop until there's a winner. That's not my idea of a tournament but fortunately it's our choice wether or not we continue to play Prominence or not. It's a free game and at the end of the day if the majority of players that play Prominence like what they're doing it won't matter what you or I think about it, I'm just glad I have a choice of where I play poker on my ps4.
  13. Don't feel too bad, for the first time since I started playing PP I didn't even make Platinum, in fact I barely made gold. I'm stepping away from PP for awhile and splitting my time between Pure Hold Em and some other games I've gotten into. The beats I took in March were brutal and I need to step away for awhile, besides I already paid for Pure Hold Em so I might as well play it. It's more of a simulation of poker then a "game" so I prefer playing there anyways. I just wish I could find a community of players that still play it.
  14. It is my belief that it has nothing to do with the game itself but the players in the game that are affecting the outcome of most of the hands I've had the displeasure of being a part of recently. When your targeting premium hands, especially in ideal table positions and the entire table is calling you on the monster raise you just put out there thinking it would scare anybody off you better think again. Raising the blinds everytime a person gets knocked out simply means you'll see more of that. I never heard of raising blinds like that but it is what it is and I ranted enough about it. Thankfully, spring is here so that means more time outside doing other things.
  15. at least it's optional, a lot of times in a tournament it takes me awhile to get cards that are playable, I'm not a fan of that at all. Most players at Prominence play every hand they're dealt so they somehow wipe everyone out in an hour or so and expect every tournament to take no longer then that.