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    Avatar Action Tell

    Stage: Design ETA: None When you preset an action, your avatar holds its hand over your hole cards, your chip stack, or the table, depending on your preset action. The entire table can see this. We plan to change this so that the other players at the table never see your preset action. As you work with the Radial Action Menu (RAM) to choose your action, your avatar moves its hand over your hole cards, your chip stack, or the table, depending on the state of the RAM. The entire table does not see this - only you do. We plan to change this so that the other players at the table see your RAM movements as you make your decision. The table will only be able to see your RAM movements while it is your turn. If it is not your turn, and you are working with the RAM to select a preset action, those RAM movements will not be seen by the table. Also, for consistency, since the table doesn't see your avatar moving his hand around while you're working with the RAM out of turn, you won't see your avatar moving its hand around either. Please see Tell Sign Functionality for a detailed discussion of these proposed changes.
  2. These are the points you will gain or lose in ranked play. In a Ranked Tournament (per player): Against your same tier, you gain or lose 6 points. Against the tier below you, you gain 4 or lose 8 points. Against two tiers below you, you gain 3 or lose 9 points. Against three tiers below you, you gain 2 or lose 10 points. Against four tiers below you, you gain 1 or lose 11 points. You gain points from each player that places lower than you. You lose points to each player that places higher than you. If you get 3rd place, you gain points from the 4th, 5th, and 6th place players, and you lose points to the 1st and 2nd place players, according to the values listed above. In a Ranked Head to Head: Against your same tier, you gain or lose 20 points. Against the tier below you, you gain 14 or lose 26 points. Against two tiers below you, you gain 10 or lose 30 points. Against three tiers below you, you gain 6 or lose 34 points. Against four tiers below you, you gain 4 or lose 36 points. Assuming you always play against your own tier... 1st place = +30 points (6 x 5 - 6 x 0) 2nd place = +18 points (6 x 4 - 6 x 1) 3rd place = +6 points (6 x 3 - 6 x 2) 4th place = -6 points (6 x 2 - 6 x 3) 5th place = -18 points (6 x 1 - 6 x 4) 6th place = -30 points (6 x 0 - 6 x 5) If you didn't play all of your provisional games last season, or if you finished with less than 1000 points, you start with 1000 points. If you did play all of your provisionals, and ended higher than 1000, you'll start halfway between 1000 and last season's ending points. Assuming you start at 1000 points, you need 300 points to reach Diamond. You could do that by getting 1st place in 10 games, or by getting 3rd place in 50 games, or by being in the bubble somewhere between 10 and 50 games. Of course it's more complex than that, since you'll almost certainly be playing against a mix of tiers much of the time.
  3. The Mayor

    Casual Lobby Redesign

    Stage: Development ETA: August The current lobby design makes it difficult for players to get a Casual Tournament started. We are redesigning the lobby to make it easy for everyone to see everyone else and their current settings, allowing users to cooperate indirectly to agree on buy-in and other settings and get a game started. We'll be adding configurable venue, turn timers, blind timers, and an option to increase the blinds when someone is knocked out, once the main redesign is complete. Similar changes will be made to the Ring Game lobby, allowing you to see all the available tables and who is at each table, and adding configurable venue and turn timers. This is likely to get pushed to the following update, however.
  4. The Mayor

    Ranked Lobby Redesign

    Stage: Development ETA: July The current ranked lobby has you at the mercy of the automatic matchmaking process. See Finding Any Match for a long discussion. The new lobby will put matchmaking under your control. It will also restore the tiered buy-ins. It will show the five tiers, along with their buy ins, entry fees, and payouts, kind of like the Info screen. Each tier shows the number and tier of players queued for that tier. You select the tier/table you want to play in. You can only select your current tier, or one or two tiers below your tier. A Diamond having trouble finding other Diamonds to play at the end of the season could join a Platinum or Gold table, and the Platinums and Golds wouldn't be able to stop them. Ranking up brings the ability to join higher buy-in tables, and also the ability to choose to play against lower ranked players. Lower ranks don't have that privilege of choice. As with the current system, when there are 6 matching players, those players will start a game automatically. You will also be able to indicate your venue preference. When the game starts, majority wins the venue choice.
  5. An upgraded loot case has an 80% chance of awarding an avatar item or table item, and a 20% chance of awarding chips. But if you already own all the items for the given rarity, you'll get chips. There's also a small chance of getting a boost. All available items are shown in the store. Items that can still be awarded to you through loot cases will show there as locked with a loot case icon, or as items that can be purchased. Some items are awarded only as affiliation/level awards, and are shown locked with an affiliation suit icon.
  6. Logs show that it's not your profile. To verify that, you can try signing in on the same console with a different gamertag (doesn't have to be Gold). If you're able to get to a table with a different gamertag but still not with yours on the same console, then it is something with your profile. Let me know. Logs show that your console is unable to make a secure socket connection to the game server. Try rebooting all of your network equipment. It's best to unplug modems and routers, wait at least a minute, then turn them back on in the correct order (eg cable modem first, then router, etc., xbox last). I'd unplug the xbox also. If that fails, make sure your local system or your ISP isn't blocking TCP traffic on port 80.
  7. You had two pair - 10's and 8's. Your opponent had two pair - 7's and 3's. You win.
  8. Contact customer support at
  9. The Mayor

    Ring Game Buy-in Ranges

    Status: Design ETA: None We're considering this new feature. Please give us your feedback by responding to the poll above. Ring games currently have a fixed buy-in. When you join or rebuy, you bring a fixed number of chips to the table. We're thinking of allowing you to bring 2x, 3x, or maybe as much as 4x the number of chips when you join or rebuy. For example, a 1000 buy-in table would allow you to bring 1000, 2000, 3000, or possibly 4000 chips when you join or rebuy. The blinds would remain the same, defined by the base buy-in for the table (5/10 for a 1000 table). We could also allow you to bring 1/2 the base amount, eg. 500 for a 1000 table. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.
  10. I'd love to do that, but TBH it's not likely to ever happen. It has been discussed and shot down in the past. Not worth the dev cost, and extremely unlikely to change any minds. We could hire a large room full of professional poker dealers to physically shuffle decks of cards to produce the shuffles for the game, and it would make no difference. We'd get just as many people complaining about broken or rigged shuffles. It's just the nature of online poker. Check the posts for any other online poker game ever made, you'll see the same complaints.
  11. Tiered buy-ins are returning to ranked in the next update.
  12. No offense taken. I understand your concerns. We've never said that we're trying to 'improve the quality of the randomness'. There are reasons behind the existing algorithm, some of which have been stated in earlier posts. We've done the research and testing and are completely satisfied that the algorithm produces every possible shuffle in a uniform distribution.
  13. It's not possible. It will be available for purchase this holiday season.
  14. The Mayor


    The first rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club. But you can read about it in Help & Options > How to Play > Events.
  15. The Mayor

    Ring Game Buy-in Ranges

    Maybe around the end of the year, but no official ETA yet.
  16. You're right, it's not going to change. We think that rigging the shuffle to match the expectations of people who are unhappy with math would not be good for the game. We're going to stick with the mathematically correct algorithm. Also, the Earth is round, climate change is real, and the moon landings were not faked. The CIA totally killed JFK though.
  17. The Mayor

    Avatar Action Tell

    Yeah I know you want it changed, and I personally lean that way for all the reasons previously discussed, but the poll results aren't clear. It will likely get changed as things are now, but no decision has been made just yet.
  18. The Mayor

    Avatar Action Tell

    We'll definitely show the RAM movements, but preset actions are still undecided.
  19. The Mayor

    Quick Chat

    Stage: Design ETA: August Quick Chat (canned messages) is planned. Why Quick Chat and not full text chat, where you can write whatever you want? We have one server for the whole world, so the odds are high that people at your table don't speak your language. There's not much point in insulting someone if they don't understand you. A full text interface has some UI issues, especially on XboxOne and PS4 where typing out sentences is cumbersome for the typical user. Full text chat requires adherence to the User Generated Content rules on console, making it more cumbersome for us to implement and maintain. We'd like to keep our social environment civil. Quick Chat solves all of these issues. Because the messages are built in to the game, they are localized into all the supported languages. When you insult someone, they're sure to understand you. Because the messages are defined by us, there are no User Generated Content rules to adhere to, and we can ensure that the messages don't contain abusive language. It will generally be much faster to choose your message from a list and send it than it would be to type out what you want to say. Quick Chat will be free. The current plan is to provide a bunch of messages for free, and then provide a bunch more messages for purchase with chips. Messages will be throttled to prevent people from spamming the table with constant messages. You will be able to mute specific players or opt out completely. List your Quick Chat message suggestions here. Keep it clean, please.
  20. It looks like you're unable to make a connection to the game server. You get to the point where your xbox is told which game/table to make a connection to, and then you never make that connection. This indicates a network problem on your end. First, try doing a hard reboot of your xbox if you haven't already (select 'Restart console' from the home menu - make sure you see the green startup screen). If that doesn't work, reboot your router or modem (typically the easiest way is to just unplug it, wait at least 60 seconds, and plug it back in), and reboot the xbox again afterward. If that doesn't work, you can test whether it's your network or something on your xbox by connecting your xbox to a different network - for example, connect it to your cell phone's wifi hotspot. Or if your xbox is currently connected via wifi, try a wired connection. Let us know what happens.