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  1. An upgraded loot case has an 80% chance of awarding an avatar item or table item, and a 20% chance of awarding chips. But if you already own all the items for the given rarity, you'll get chips. There's also a small chance of getting a boost. All available items are shown in the store. Items that can still be awarded to you through loot cases will show there as locked with a loot case icon, or as items that can be purchased. Some items are awarded only as affiliation/level awards, and are shown locked with an affiliation suit icon.
  2. Logs show that it's not your profile. To verify that, you can try signing in on the same console with a different gamertag (doesn't have to be Gold). If you're able to get to a table with a different gamertag but still not with yours on the same console, then it is something with your profile. Let me know. Logs show that your console is unable to make a secure socket connection to the game server. Try rebooting all of your network equipment. It's best to unplug modems and routers, wait at least a minute, then turn them back on in the correct order (eg cable modem first, then router, etc., xbox last). I'd unplug the xbox also. If that fails, make sure your local system or your ISP isn't blocking TCP traffic on port 80.
  3. You had two pair - 10's and 8's. Your opponent had two pair - 7's and 3's. You win.
  4. I'd love to do that, but TBH it's not likely to ever happen. It has been discussed and shot down in the past. Not worth the dev cost, and extremely unlikely to change any minds. We could hire a large room full of professional poker dealers to physically shuffle decks of cards to produce the shuffles for the game, and it would make no difference. We'd get just as many people complaining about broken or rigged shuffles. It's just the nature of online poker. Check the posts for any other online poker game ever made, you'll see the same complaints.
  5. No offense taken. I understand your concerns. We've never said that we're trying to 'improve the quality of the randomness'. There are reasons behind the existing algorithm, some of which have been stated in earlier posts. We've done the research and testing and are completely satisfied that the algorithm produces every possible shuffle in a uniform distribution.
  6. It's not possible. It will be available for purchase this holiday season.
  7. The first rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club. But you can read about it in Help & Options > How to Play > Events.
  8. Maybe around the end of the year, but no official ETA yet.
  9. You're right, it's not going to change. We think that rigging the shuffle to match the expectations of people who are unhappy with math would not be good for the game. We're going to stick with the mathematically correct algorithm. Also, the Earth is round, climate change is real, and the moon landings were not faked. The CIA totally killed JFK though.