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  1. Wow you are soo clever!.... Well done you you smart little boy... I looked it up.. Did I get sarcasm right?
  2. Happened to me again 4 or 5 times today on 500 and 1 mil tables. To be honest it's happening everywhere on prominence poker. I hope they do something about it.
  3. I'm sick of seeing people play aggressively and to leave table only to return seconds later with the minimum buy in. Not only is this not allowed in real casinos or real poker software. You have to return with exact amount of chips you left with or wait an hour to play that buy in again. Or you can buy into another buy in amount which wasn't the one you left It's not fair to lose your chips to someone and then not being able to win the chips back because they banked the amount and then returned
  4. No you should always be thinking about the turn river and your opponents play style. If you want to be called when you go all in on the flop then do it. Just don't moan if you get beat on turn or river. Your most likely gonna take the pot. But if u play smart you can get more chips from your opponents if you give them value to call. Just don't give them too much value or it might come back to hurt you
  5. PSA? Really? You are misleading and wasting my time.
  6. Yes okay you have a point about splitting the community when introducing new game types.. omaha is quite popular tho... was just trying to think outside the box I play many real money poker software and they do pretty okay to have casino based games. I remember there was a casino based game for ps3 that had everything from slots to blackjack to other games I never even heard of. And you could buy or upgrade your apartment. While not everyone may like my suggestions at least I am trying to come up with some.
  7. I recently suggested to impliment new Poker Games, like 7 card, or omaha, or Razz, or any of the other types of poker to the game. Would also be amazing to see some other Casino Based games, like blackjack, roulette, or 3 card games in the form of an expansion or added to the base game. Should imagine it would increase the sales of Real Money > Chips too.
  8. Why does everyone say its 'Rigged' Please... dont use this terminology. It is a strange occurance. Ive seen it happen on real cash games before. Once I saw an 7 way all in preflop in a real money tournament, and everyone had a pocket pair. Sheet Happens.
  9. Perhaps the servers are feeling a little bit of strain that we are not hearing about? One of my games in Ranked was 100% shutdown due to disconnect from servers a couple of days ago. It was the first time I saw the message.
  10. It looked like you hit a lag spike, or a long period of lag, and it took you a long time to catch up. Was someone downloading or streaming at the time you were playing?
  11. Come on Warp, it happens to me a lot where I got kings, and on the flop is an ace, if someone bets high, or reraises i know im behind. its just one of those things. I wouldnt push all my chips on a 9,9,8,8,10 board though.
  12. I think you are a bit out of order for requesting a ban for people who are not at thier computer. You are assuming malice, but you dont know what people are doing on the other end of the computer. They could be helping their neighbour who's house just set on fire. Helping a friend who is having a heart attack. Answering the door because they ordered pizza. Maybe they been out drinking all night and dont want to go to sleep so they are playing poker but their attention span is dwindling. You want there to be Prominence Poker Police to arrest the people who you 'think' are 'intentionally AFK' perhaps you want to spy on them using the kinect camera to prove it? Send out solicitors for breaking some kind of T&C. The only solution i can think of is to remove the clock timer for those who are sitting out so it quickly folds their hands until they click 'Im Back' button. Just like on the real poker software.