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  1. Thanks Cc, that did the trick. Havent played in a while. Randomizer was, well πŸ™„...still is πŸ˜”
  2. Client out of date I haven't logged in lately and got a message "client out of date" and could not play. whats up?
  3. Please excuse me if any of my posts come across as moaning. Not my intent from the simple standpoint that's it's all free anyways. Card players are "odds junkies" in general, so when they are put into situations that defy the odds over and over again, they respond in kind. Well Zan so much for the winning streak. AA falls yet again to 10-5 suited heads up. only 80% favorite this time. πŸ™„ Flop rolled 10 5 Q, but hey I'm 1 for 7 in these situations. Better than 0 for 5 I guess. funny how it keeps happening.lol
  4. And that's all I'm really debating here. Sure anything can happen at anytime, but when it happens more times than not, even in this total donkfest of a game, something is off. I need to get to the table with real money and real players instead of playing poker bingo I guess. and Zan it finally happened! AA held against AJ on the 6th attempt! πŸ˜ƒ You understand what kind of a run I would need to go on at this point for the odds to be true, right?
  5. Actually I was referring to the odds of not only going down 5 times in a row with aa or kk but losing the last two in EXACTLY the same fashion. kinda mind blowing, isn't it? im going to buy some powerball tickets right now!lol its got to comeback around at some point, right?
  6. Well, I'm just sticking with the beats Zan and boy do I got one for ya on BB #5 in a row holding KK or AA. please first let us understand because it is easy to think I'm full of shit here, this really happened. So I get my next installment of KK last nigh playing in a tourney with a bud for 20k. Preflop gets all the money in with two callers, which believe me, I hated the second guy coming with us, as he was just calling off all his money. KK A10 55... Now here we go.lol My buddy who is not the same buddy from the last installment says, I folded an ace. Starting to sound familiar? 2 outer right? Flop rolls, first card A😲 Count all them beans up and tell me where we are odds wise right now? it hurts my head to think about it.lol 40 years...never seen anything like it.
  7. Brother in a cash game with 3+ to 1 I Will gladly live with the results and have. All the money and n the pot with your opponent being dominated is what I live for πŸ˜‰ Just hasn't been my experience to date that I'm getting those odds on PP, kinda like it has not been my experience playing 19 hands in 20 minutes.lol GTFO my man! This site is like an att call center and very few understand preflop betting and raising patterns. Most hands take a minute plus to get to the flop. Look man I play cash games at the my local casino quite a bit so I see cards run for hours and I NEVER witnessed flop patterns like this...all I'm sayin. If I had the time to sit on this site and grind it out to a million table, I would gladly join you, but I would imagine the results would be similar and by that time I would need to seek physciatric assistance.lol. I very rarely get it all in and be behind, so run outs are something I see a lot at the table...hands simply do not hold up here like they should or I'm extremely unlucky on this site. Take your pick...either way you go, the ODDS do not apply to the answer. Lastly, I appreciate you finally posting the correct odds. first it was 2-1 then it was 2.33-1 finally got it right at 3+-1 guess 3rd time was the charm. πŸ˜‰
  8. No, you said I was "marginally ahead" and the other guy said it was a coin flip to be fair. Both are still incorrect however. So what do you "put the house on" Zan? The guy with the weaker kicker is a 3-4 to 1 dog. Doesn't get much better with it all there waiting for the flop. If you are not forcing the action to find yourself in these situations, your not doing it right as far as I'm concerned. Played some WSOP last night for a couple of hours and could tell the difference quickly how the cards hold true on a more consistent basis. I understand your statement regarding this comment earlier about how it's suppose to be random, but at some point the cards should hold consistent to the odds we as poker players live and (around here) die with, and if they don't something is obviously off. Am I shooting for the stars to think that? Example... Two hours and one 3 card suited flop, which happens about every 15-30 minutes on PP. This immediately jumped to mind, as it was the first thing I noticed about PP. Just doesn't happen that regularly in real play. All I know is that if I'm wrong and this thing isn't broken...I don't ever want to be right. Check please. ✌🏼️
  9. Yes he should be expected to lose one of 3 and that is not under question. Winning the other 2 is what I'm waiting for 😲. And 3 to 1 is really best case, as depending on the weaker kicker, it could run up to 4 to 1...oh and maybe even higher if one is folded preflop like my current KK AK senerio. Guy had two outs going to the flop...unlucky, like you said I guess. Unlikely is more my point of view on the 4th beat in a row. Thank god I'm luckier in cash games and when humans actually get to touch the cards.πŸ˜‰ One mans complaining is another mans attempt at feedback, funny how this is the first time playing a poker game online that I felt the need to provide it. I just play on the other sites and the generator seems fine to me. So idk πŸ€”
  10. And this guy is right boys and you are not... AK vs AJ 70-20-5 favorite, same with KQ vs KJ... Nothing marginal there and certainly not a coin flip, right?
  11. Man just calculate the odds of AA or KK getting cracked heads up 4 times in a row. I just wanna know when my invincibility streak starts. Last night a bud and I were playing and I got KK. Chip leader got AK and we flush everyone out preflop. Down to heads up with it all in. We flip the cards and I'm lovin it when my buddy says he folded an A preflop. 2 outer right? first card on the flop...A😲 im just givin highlights from here on out guys. πŸ˜‰
  12. Ok, this senerio is the one that really stands out and makes me question things. I will use the matching ace as the example...AK vs A lower than K. It seems to happen to me a lot on PP. It is the showdown that is referred to as being "dominated" when all the money is in the pot. The guy behind must match his lower card or have a 4 card runout of some kind (str8 or flush) to comeback. My style of play tends to push the action preflop in this situation knowing (by real world standards) I am a coin flip against just about any made hand at this point, so all the money tends to get shoved preflop. Flipping the cards over to discover your opponent holds say AJ vs your AK would be a victory more times than not, according to the odds...probably why they refer to the opponent being dominated. So when you win this race not much is remembered after, however when you lose it sticks like glue...well currently am covered in glue here guys, knowing for a fact, that I am at best a coin flip in this race. This is just an example of how the generator fails to stay consistent (trying to be nice when I say that.lol) to the odds that every player observes. It is a race you should win more times than not...not the other way around. So to defend the generator suggests someone is really that unlucky...sorry, but I'm not buying. I have seen this same situation too many times in real cash games and those results remain consistent to the odds. As I have simply stated before, you will win more times than not. PP...not so much 😲 At the end of the day, it's all free (for most of us) and for fun, so it's no biggie. But... to think a new game cannot be improved has a very short shelf life in video gaming. Feedback must be observed and improvement must be considered for longevity, because as I have stated before, developers rarely get it right on the first attempt. Happy gaming to all and good luck....you are going to need it!
  13. Dude I would say the same thing to you...Cmon man! That statement is just a "spin" on what has been said (by me anyways) and if you took the time to actually read my concerns, you would realize that I do not think anything along the realm of what you suggest. I'm not declaring a conspiracy, I am stating that my personal experience is currently defying the odds of what EVERY player is subject to. If putting some elaborate spin on those concerns makes you feel better, so be it. I'm not here to take potshots at folks or make predictions.
  14. Look guy, I'm not here to explain how any why. I'm a player not a programmer, nor do I think that it targets me personally as you would suggest. I have experienced it on both sides and have won hands where I was behind as well. I am trying to provide feedback as this is a new game, and anyone who has been playing them for awhile will tell you...they seldomly get them right the first attempt. Also, me being "mad" as you would also suggest, is kinda comical in my world as we are playing for free.lol But make no mistake, if we were playing for real money, I would be out of here faster than a rabbit gets...you know the rest.
  15. Look guy, if you play many hours a week, you gotta know by now something is a little off with this randomizer. As I stated in another thread, the only constant in poker is that when you are ahead, you will win more times than not. This just has not been my experience to date with THIS game. I'm a coin flip at best (and I am being generous when I say that) when ahead and that is all I need to know to believe something is not right. Its a fun format and I hope that these guys continue to make it better, but it's got to start with that randomizer...it needs work.