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  1. opps sorry i type and don't spell check but ill let you know if the reinstall works when it get done.
  2. I did this once from the start of the issue. Then the rep. from 505 games handling my ticket had me do this. Then Xbox Support had me do this. From what i can see and have tried it and is something to do with my gamertag/user ID not being allowed to connect to the server. Also that is what xbox support mentioned and told me to contact 505 games direct. And are your sure there is no record maybe I got erased somehow and my suggestion was that if you did find it maybe you could reset it but if there is no record then that theory is out the window.
  3. Hey Nex thanks for the reply and the platform the issue is on the Xbox One and my online id is Elysiumseeker87 and yes i submitted a ticket and before sunday no problems in the game ran smooth other then the minor bugs in affiliation rewards system.
  4. Pipeworks Team at Prominence Poker no one would reach out to me on my friends list would let me know anything is the reason I came to this forum. Even the support at 505 games told me the issue was fixed but now I also saw they did post they have ongoing connection issues with prominence poker on their home page. The thing is I had already contacted Xbox live and 505 games. But before I contacted either of them I personally did the troubleshooting steps which was then repeated by Xbox And 505 games just to follow the steps. No one from prominence poker had replied on this forum and said they would reach out to the developers like I have seen on others posts. I just want to put it out there that it is still an issue for me to log into on Xbox Live on my account. It is only on my one account which is an Gold account and I pay for. I logged on to my silver account that has no Xbox Live Online membership and I can connect with no problem and have been playing poker for while this ongoing issue with my gold account which is being processed. The game is free to play no worries. I haven't lost anything and would just like to know why there is an issue. Also I would like to put out there the are bugs in the reward system with the affiliation ranking system which doesn't matter either b/c I can win chips by playing ring games, head to head, and tournaments. I have not played and ranked games yet but I would like to. I don't expect a reply but would be nice. I enjoy the game and I really am not upset like some people that get to the point of deleting the game. Hope things work out I will have to wait and see and be patient like you do on a good poker hand.
  5. Hey RYDEN I cannot get past this screen are you having the same issue?
  6. It is still not connecting for for me on Xbox One half my friends list is playing what about anybody else?
  7. My game has been down and unable to connect to server since last night when my table lagged up and froze. Just wondering is anybody else on Xbox One still having connection issues?