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  1. Why are you expecting that boosts will help you win?
  2. Yet, I don't. How is that possible? The only possible explanation is that the game is targeting you in particular, and rigging the game against you and in favor of your opponents whenever you are playing. After all, consider that this always happens in favor of your opponents, never in favor of you, according to your own account ("I will miss 11+ outs for 2 hours straight in this game while I watch the same players rip off 2 and 4 outers seemingly every time they play a hand.") If the game where simply flawed and badly programmed, then you would sometimes notice this trend favoring you, at the cost of your opponents. Sometimes you would get astronomically unlikely lucky streaks, winning with really crappy hands, while your opponents will be losing with their picture cards and pocket aces. But according to your own testimony, this never favors you. It always favors your opponents. Therefore the only possible explanation is that the game is specifically targeting you, and benefiting your opponents, whenever you in particular are playing. You must be in some kind of blacklist, for whatever reason. Or, you know, and I know this might sound silly, but the other explanation is that you are just imagining things. Would you seriously think that the game has been rigged specifically against you, so that the allegedly incorrect odds are always against you, never in favor of you? Would you seriously think that you have been put in some kind of blacklist, where you specifically are being targeted for discrimination when it comes to odds? A different hypothesis has been presented a million times already: Prominence Poker is not like "normal" poker for one reason: People don't play with real money here. It's all play money. Therefore they have nothing to lose. And because they have nothing to lose, they will keep playing with hands that any experienced poker player would have folded if playing for real money. When you have 5 other players playing like they don't care how much they lose, the amount of bad beats that you witness will inevitably increase. The problem with professional poker is that you don't get to see how many bad beats there would have been, had players not folded, and kept continuing betting like there's no tomorrow. You don't get to see what happens if someone does a completely crazy all-in with something like a 9-3 off color.
  3. To be more precise, getting 5 or 10 is 8/52, and then getting the other card is 4/51, and (8/52)*(4/51) is about 0.012, or about 1 in 83. Getting 10/5 more than twice in a single game isn't at all unusual. (There's also cognitive bias involved because you pay attention to when you get it and don't think much about the games where you don't. Thus you get the false impression that it happens more often than it does.)
  4. You do realize that pros fold the vast majority of their hands? Watch some pro poker some time. In a table of, let's say, 8 players, if you see more than three players going post-flop, that's a real rarity.
  5. You are getting a reward (in this case potentially up to 360K, plus loot) for playing against ostensibly weaker player. So yes, it being a risk is justified.
  6. So if you know what a motherboard is, then please explain exactly which "motherboard components" are required for PS4/XboxOne/PC crossplay, which aren't already on those motherboards, and why exactly. And why are these "motherboard components" currently stopping crossplay from being possible.
  7. So why does it seem to affect only some people but not others? I don't see an unusual amount of bad beats.
  8. The problem is not the amount of responses and engagement. The problem is that you tend to spout complete nonsense when it comes to technical stuff. "Motherboard components" have absolutely nothing to do with inter-console crossplay or syncing accounts between consoles. It's a complete non-sequitur out of left field. It doesn't exactly help that you said, and I quote, "they would need to share proprietary software including motherboard components", as if "motherboard components" were software. Do you even know what a motherboard is?
  9. Dude, stop that already! For your own sake. You are embarrassing and making a fool of yourself again and again. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
  10. Yes, I'm sure that they deliberately programmed it like that, just to annoy you.
  11. And thus it cannot win? You have a very strange way of interpreting probabilities.
  12. Not really a programming error, but a design error. When you refill people's table items, you get rep. At one point people started noticing that the amount of rep they got from refilling the entire table was quite large, and more than compensated the chips spent on it, so people started spamming table refills. Depending on which stage they were in your faction, they could get over a dozen levels during a single game like that, because of the sheer amount of rep from the refills. This got completely out of hand alongside the uncapping of levels. Previously a level of like 300 was rare, and meant you had played the game for quite a long time. Suddenly people started getting 300 levels in one single day, and levels of 1000 and 2000 became common. The level number suddenly meant nothing. The developers later adjusted the rep you get from table refills, so it has toned down this soft abuse quite a lot.
  13. And we should just take your word for it? But at least you are being quite original. Normally people whine about losing to bad beats. People rarely whine about bad-beating others.