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  1. PlasticFry



    One of the glitches in this forum: I said I'd attend a month ago and it has added me as 'going to attend' on every date. I'll be there Friday the 3rd if that is the first day. For all who don't know, it's Eastern Standard time.
  2. Well...the PC version does not give you the suit/dress or bonus chips the way the console version does. I believe this is an over site on the developer's part.
  3. PlasticFry

    Poker Strategy For Beginners; Playing Like A Rock

    I totally agree with your logic if this guy was playing actual poker, but this guy was playing like it was play money...nothing more. I think they did a great job on making the things you can buy in this game give chips actual value, but there's always going to be the idiots out there with luck on their side, sans skill. Like I said: two pair is just dumb luck, risking half your HUGE stack that the river will land a freaking two is just plain stupid. Please don't think I'm running from what you're saying...I give you solid credit for solid game theory, and I appreciate the reply.
  4. PlasticFry

    Poker Strategy For Beginners; Playing Like A Rock

    I'll give you a great example: Last night I was a fold machine. Other than playing my big blinds to flop I folded for at least two hours because I couldn't get a hand. Then comes KQ off suit. Not the best hole cards, but I check to the flop. King on the flop...I now have two kings with a queen kicker and no ace in sight. Fourth street way anyone can make a flush or a straight....I've got to have the nuts. Raising, reraising...betting for value...the river is a 2...It couldn't have helped anyone....I'm all in...I need the payday to make up for losing money on the weirdest poker players on Earth. I have this....right? NO! The guy who has a table full of chips (from going all in every other hand even before the flop with NOTHING) has been raising, re-rasing me the whole hand with a pair of twos...he has three of a kind. In my 'nuts' hand I can't fight two pair...that may be understandable...but why this ass-hat has be dumping thousands and thousands of chips in the pot with a couple of twos, just because he has chips to burn, or is legally retarded...there's no defense for this. I don't care how tight you play.
  5. PlasticFry

    How to deal with a bully.

    What about 'in game?' I just left a table (it seems the best thing to do with these a-holes) were some level 3 dude was going all in EVERY hand (. It pissed me off too because I had a very nice stack built up at this table and was farming things pretty well playing super back to not having the chip lead.../ugh! Everyone just kept folding and I was not about to bet my stack on some random cards.
  6. PlasticFry

    Poker Strategy For Beginners; Playing Like A Rock

    This guide is great for actual poker. However it falls short in poker 'games.' The reason for this is the obvious idiot that plays poker games...well, like an idiot. This guide is all but verbatim of Phil Hellmuth's system. And, while it will help you in real can't always protect you from the idiot that flops three of a kind going all in an 7 2 off-suite. So play this guide, but still know it is actual 'luck' when you try to put a solid system to a poker 'game.' But...if people weren't idiots, then this game would be a lot more fun.
  7. PlasticFry

    ps4 LOVE the game, wanna join a group

    I found out one of the people leading the show's ps4 blew a head will be waiting for another group, or try to start a temp small one. Another thing (off topic)...has anyone noticed this 'all in every round' crap in the casual rooms lately? I mean, I know common sense is anything but common, but God bless the tournaments and ranked rooms...WOW! And thanks for the love, Clear. :-)
  8. PlasticFry

    Havana Nights


    I bought the XL E-Cig for's showing a 4% buff... is that on top of Havana? or do i have to wait for my paid for buff to wear off? I"m not seeing a 50% boost...did i purchase the wrong thing? shouldn't it be 50 + the 4 buff I bought it for?
  9. I've been trying in vain to join the one club on here, but can't seem to hear from them...maybe they are no more. Anyway, love the game, I'd LOVE some guys and gals to play with and also talk strat and hands with (the tens and hooks are KILLING me! LOL send me a friend inv or group to join...whatever
  10. PlasticFry

    Midnight Poker League PS4

    I've been trying to get a hold of you guys...Plasticfry on ps4 and Kevin Brown on FB same profile pic