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  1. Came back after almost 2 years and I see the same issue and people talking about it. Wow.
  2. The high card is irrelevant in that hand. If you have a full house, the kicker doesn't play. The reason for playing Q4 is that I was in the big blind and everyone called. As I said, my whole reason for calling the river was to show the opponent's hand, because I knew I was beat on the flop, turn and river. I wish I recorded that in the video too. If you want I can record 10 more videos like this, but it's a waste of time.
  3. During my career as a poker player of 10+ years(5+ years as a semi-professional), playing on many platforms with different card shuffling methods and live poker, I am pretty sure your code for card shuffling and dealing is not random whatsoever. I've played around 40hours total (on 2 accounts, mostly heads-up) on your platform and during this time I mostly saw bad beats, turn-around rivers and many situations like this repeating themselves, being at both ends of the story. I am not saying this is bad, but it's gonna make many players quit the game in the future, because you can lose/win your stack easily. One good example is my last hand: https://youtu.be/p3kEUzURclI In my BB, 2 players call and I check with Q4 off, no reason to raise pre-flp, since it's a really bad hand to begin with. Flop comes 4 7 7 (having 2 pair and a decent kicker, while there was a flush and straight draw possible on board, I decide to bet to protect my hand), I bet and 2 players call. Turn comes another 4, which gives me another 4. I have a full house and the only 2 hands that beat me are pocket 7 or 7x. I decide to bet again, around half the pot and both players call again. Turn is a 5, completing a possible straight. Now there are only 3 hands that beat me: 55, 77, 7x. I decide to bet again, around 75% of the pot (standard value-bet), I get 1 fold and the other playes re-raises all in. I immediatly put him on a 7 (even before the turn I knew someone might have a 7, since I got called in 2 spots on a meh board), but for the sake of the video and for this topic, I decided to call even though I knew I was beat. What tilted me is not that he had a 7, he also had a 4. Props to the guy, except for re-raising all in, he played the hand perfectly (you should make a smaller raise there, around 3x). I know I'm probably not the best poker player in the world, but I am not bad either, since I make a living playing live poker. I don't normally get tilted or mad, because I know what it takes to play poker, I know when I made a good/bad play even before I make it, I pretty much decide that I'm ok with my decission (good or bad) before I do it. That's the mentality you should have in any hand, trust your instincts and reads. Anyways, enough talking about me and let's talk about your software. I know for you it's a business and you probably want to make money, mostly because you want players to buy chips, but you should probably rethink how you want that. You need your players to be having fun while they lose money, not be mad all the time. Take it as an advice, a constructive critic. Also, the animations are too long. They are fun and nice in the beginning, but in the long-run are annoying because you spend more time looking at the guy going all in, than playing the match (talking about heads-up). Anyways, it's a fun game overall and I wish you best of luck in the future.
  4. I was actually talking about heads-up there. Obviously for 6-max it's different; Something like: 1st 5, 2nd 3, 3rd 1, 4th -1, 5th -3, 6th -5. They can switch between systems whenever they want, they only have to change a few things. They can give it a try for a few seasons because obviously not many people are happy with ELO. Ah, and +5/-5 it's just an example, they can take any numbers they want. I just took lower numbers because it increases the number of games that you have to play in order to move up. Obviously, at the beginning of the new season, the players in gold (example) stay in gold, and the ones in silver stay there. They just go down to the minimum of required points for that league. I saw someone talk about pot limit pre-flop and no-limit after, that's really bad, especially if you're playing vs maniacs who see flops with any 2 cards, at least this way you make them pay for it, or even go all in.
  5. To be honest, dropping the ELO system is the best option you have right now, due to the low quantity of players at silver. Even if a player reaches silver, he's "afraid" of playing anymore because the risk is too high, risk of losing 40+ pts. I had 2200+ pts and got matched vs a 700 something player for example and I lost with a bad-beat. K5 vs J5, flop comes j 5 x, turn x, river k. The guy obviously had no idea how to play, went all in when he saw the 5 and obviously I called, just to run bad. Yeah, bad-beats are a part of poker, but here is worse than pokerstars. Solution? +5 for win, -5 for lose. This way, there won't be big changes in the points for the top dogs, even if they run bad 1 hand. More players will advance to silver and above, and obviously only those win good winrate will succed, not so much luck involved. This also decreases the chances for account boosting, or even if they do, it's easier to detect.
  6. Depends on your playstyle and range of hands. Poker is about winning, not having fun. Take it from a semi-pro player who had a big down-swing in the last year and a half, so big that it made me quit poker for this year in order to rebuild my bankroll (talking about real money). If you want to improve at poker, watch youtube videos of grinders (such as Pokerstaples, Doug Polk, big tournaments with commentary in general). You can learn alot about the game in short periods of time.
  7. Happened in casual "cash" game while me and 2 other players were going at it. I was in the BB and a new player joined the table in UTG+1 position (2nd player after the BB). The next hand the button passed to him, instead of going past him and we had to put the BB and SB again, even though the previous hand we already did it. Usually when a player joins a table and in the very next hand the button is supposed to go past him, so the BB and SB don't have to put it again. This is important in tourmanets too, but since you don't have MTT's, you don't really have to worry about it. Also, in cash games whenever you join a table you are asked if you want to play the next hand or wait for the BB, if you decide that you want to play the next hand, you have to post a BB. It's a small detail, but it makes the game more realistic.