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  1. That stinks. Same happened to me on Heads Up. Second match in Silver, busted out, and lost like 45 points. You'll get back there.
  2. After much grinding (although not nearly as much as on the 6 man tourneys) I have finally hit Silver in the Head to Head tournaments for this season. But after my first successful match in Silver I noticed two things: First, the buy in and payouts for a Silver h2h match are both 10k. That plus the $250 means even if you win your match you're still coming up in the negative. Is that right? I would think the payout would be a little more than 10k. Maybe 15? What do y'all think? Second, I never received the 50k reward for reaching Silver. So if any admins are reading this any insight would be greatly appreciated. And CONGRATS to everybody that's made Silver in either of the 2 brackets because it's one helluva grind. #FlairForTheGold
  3. FINALLY hit Silver rank on the Head2Head side.  Let's keep it going. #FlairForTheGold

  4. What's going on Prominence. Just wanted to say Hey and take a second to introduce myself. My name's Joel but go with LittleE500 and I play primarily on the XBox One. I am SO glad to finally have a good next gen poker game. I was very much into WSOP back on the old 360 and felt a void in me when I upgraded. I'm really digging Prominence. Not having 9 player tables doesn't bother me at all and I love the art style of the game. Yeah, the river card can seem very unforgiving but that's poker. My main thing with the game is that I can scratch my gambling itch without having to go out and possibly lose my real money. Anywho, I'm glad to be a part of this community and feel free to hit me up anytime for a game, that is if I'm not already in a ranked battle. Peace yall, and I'll see yall at the tables.
  5. I like that idea of creating an event and having an actual physical or digital prize. I might just have to organize one.
  6. Here's to hoping I win the $350,000 chip giveaway on Twitter today.  And if you're reading this and haven't jumped on it then JUMP ON IT!

  7. If you see me online and I'm not in a ranked game hit me up and throw some chips around.