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  1. You don't come out negative because you get your opponent's 10k when it's a 10k buy in.
  2. I added you Psalm... Right now I'm playing 5k tables...
  3. I talk in game... Xbox gamertag Joey Pats
  4. Xbox Live Gamertag: Joey Pats I use a mic too. Please add me.
  5. I agree but the black screen concerns me as well. That's not my hardware.
  6. I ran the update and that didn't help. I'm not sure what's going on. I have the cheap mic/headphones that came with the system so I bought new ones that I will try to see if they help.
  7. I'm occasionally getting a black screen when I go into the game. I have to restart the game for that. Also my audio for chat doesn't always work and I have to restart my Xbox One to get it to work. I'm always testing the mic but it rarely works.
  8. Thanks... I can play loose but I tend to do poorly doing that.
  9. I'm looking to play private games. I'm not sure how to do this but I would like to try it. Please add me. I'm Joey Pats on Xbox One. I prefer people with a mic. Thanks...
  10. I just started the other day. I'm around 49k. I plan on building that here as much as I can. I've had millions on other fake poker games but they either shut down or I quit playing them. I'll look you up.
  11. Hi... I've played poker for a few years now and I wanted to say hi. I've noticed a lot of fish on this game. Are there any better quality players in the ranked system? Loose is an understatement. Well... See you at the tables...
  12. I'm on Xbox One. I joined the lobby for a heads up and waited. Nobody joined the table with me. I've played the game for a week. Not new to poker and definitely not a troll or rathole player. I've done that with the audio but it doesn't always work.
  13. I'm not new to poker but I'm new to this game. I have a few questions, though. Thanks in advance... 1. Is there a table rake? If yes, how much is it? 2. How long do you typically wait for a heads up game to start? 3. How long do you typically wait for a ranked game to start? 4. How long do you typically wait for a sit 'n' go game to start? 5. Is the one player mode worth doing? 6. I'm having trouble getting the chat to work? How does it work and how do you test it? That's all... Thanks...