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    Deo Optimo Maximo is a community that cares about its members. Communication, Teamwork, and Attitude are our core attributes and the reasons for our success. We strive to develop great connection with you whether you have just entered in the door, or have settled in for a number of years. We just created a Prominence Poker Sector in DOM because it brings people together that play all types of games. We offer all popular games to play, so you don’t only have to play poker but Battlefield, COD, Destiny & Division. Things Dom Offers: >> Weekly Game Nights to meet new members (Official Gamenights are on Thursday's & Friday's currently) - Play nightly however >> An active forum with new topics every day >> Sponsors that support us >> Friends that will play with you nightly We Leave No Man Behind on Xbox One and PS4! So, come check us out and click the link below! I have personally never been in a more active clan before. Website: www.dom-clan.org