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  1. I've made multiple threads on what I want in a future update. Feel free to check it out
  2. If we said the same thing as what he said, they would probably try to get our account banned.
  3. Lol. There are a lot of people that go all in a lot
  4. Its my strategy. Ive been getting 1st in a couple of tournaments by just shoving all in every hand
  5. Yes we need multi table tournaments. This game is so boring now
  6. I'm so bored of 6 man touraments that I just shove every hand now
  7. I agree. They need to use every tier in the game, not just bronze and silver.
  8. Sweetheart? Lol youre such a pretentious asshole. You and jayhawker should be friends
  9. I have a poor attitude, because I criticize the developers? Nice ad hominem bud. Keep bowing down to the developers like hecubus and jayhawker
  10. Hecubus and jayhawker will bow down to the developers no matter what. Dont even bother trying to reason with them
  11. This IS a casual game. Also another false equivalency fallacy. Im not even talking about banking money in REAL LIFE. Im talking about a ranked points system in a poker game. And no, if you put in 1 dollar in the bank everyday, and i put in 10 dollars everyday, you would have 30 dollars, and i would have 300 dollars. Cmon do you know simple math