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  1. I confirm the bug on xBox One too. When sitting in CLubs bar, there is a constant, repetitive sound, quite an unpleasant one. Not like a bike - more like some parasitic signal in low frequencies (need decent speaker to hear this). Series of low humming sounds. Actually, makes clubs bar impossible to play at. And it is not music, it is ambient.
  2. If I may... 1. Seaport cafe terrace, open air, seagulls shrieking, waves splashing, port noises in the distance. Rough wooden table and chairs. Couple of very expensive cars casually parked directly on the sand. 2. Luxurious yacht wardroom. Lots of varnished wood, bronze, Chesterfield leather. 3. Posh penthouse with lots of greenery and majestic city view. 4. Almost every scene from "John Wick chapter two" movie. Regards
  3. xBox One. Before the update, button "X" during loading wait could mute players at the table one by one. Not anymore.
  4. Where did "Mute" button disappear?! Many thanks for all new and wonderful updates, new affiliation with all its graphics and stuff. However, before, when I waited for a tables in casual games to load, I had an option to "mute" players. Meaning, I could mute their game-induced sounds. Now I cannot, the button's gone. I have to listen to idiotic laughs, belches, hummings and what not. During the whole game, not only when someone wins a hand. I do not want to listen to that. What should I do? Setting "game sounds" to zero will also eliminate deck shuffle, chips rattle, etc. Also, is it only me or is there really a person (he/she) standing near the wall of Diamond suite (near a Chinese black-and-white painting), with his/her back to the camera, looking as he/she is going to puke the very next moment? Looks weird and very alien to the surroundings. Just a few thoughts. Thanks.
  5. I could not agree more. So happy someone raised this topic. Indeed, it would be so nice to be able to make a highly irritating person sit quietly. Let him clap, shoot, cut throats, dance, whatever, but why should I see all this? By the way, I personally find "Cut throat" gesture highly aggressive and abusive, seems people often do not quite understand what it means... Wouldn't it be fantastic to have also "You're an idiot" gesture? I know they wouldn't allow it, but still.
  6. [REDCATED] Thinly veiled attempts to call people out on the forums are still attempts to call people out on the forums. -- Nex
  7. I do agree with that. When someone at the table starts to go all in every hand, I really wish there's no "You are an idiot" gesture among the movements set.
  8. Hello, folk. First of all, thanks developers for a nicely produced and well-performing game. I appreciate that. Now, who was the designer of the Spades' butcher factory? Is it only me or does anyone else has the same nauseating disgust when the screen opens to show me sitting there? Disgusting pink paper on the table - the colour even glows a bit making we want to puke. Nauseating light, reflecting from that pink paper. Horrible soundtrack with some awful arrangement of the main musical theme and lots of dissonant noises and stuff. Russian bloke hatching meat endlessly. Also, you obviously have a Russian speaker in your team. Was it his idea that calling Spades "лопаты" would be fun? The word means "shovels" and has no other meaning whatsoever. Seems not fun but outright daft. Maybe the idea was to make the room as disgusting as possible, up to the verge of physically puking? If yes, then my commendations, you certainly reached your goal. And why is this putrid room always chosen to host 5k ring public games? I have to change 3-4 games until I am seated at laundry (also not so nice, but still vastly preferable to the butcher shop), or even (lucky, lucky me!) at the Clubs' bar. Dear developers. Could you, at least, make this room NOT the first choice for 5k ring games. Many thanks Eugene