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  1. The 'Bubble' is simply the last placing of a tournament to NOT get prize money. Eg: 200 players enter multi-table tournament. Top 15 places get prize money, 16th place is 'the bubble'. In large tournaments play can become very slow as players try to avoid being knocked out before the bubble. Some tournaments will even force tables to start hands in sync to make it fair for everyone. I'm not sure what the bubble % is in the stats but it's either the amount of times you made it 'past the bubble' (ie. you made it to the prize money) or the amount of time you didn't make the money. I'd guess it's the amount of time you DO make the money but I'll check this later when I'm on Prominence. The other players stats of 0.481, 0.495, etc is simply a coding error where it's not formatting the % correctly. 0.481 would be 48%, 0.495 would be 49%.... and so on.
  2. You had 9❤️ in hand AND there was one on the board? Anyway, I don't think you understand the rules fully. This was not a split pot. Your friend had the higher flush.
  3. I don't play Prominence much these days so don't know if this is still possible but I did bring this up before with Admin many months ago. Is there still a 24hr break between Seasons??? I think what was happening was (or still is?) , during the 24hr break between seasons, Player1 was transferring his whole bankroll to Player2, then when the season starts, Player1 'wins' his bankroll back from Player2 thus giving him a misleading boost in the Leaderboards. I've also had several offers on PS4 from players to 'buy' chips from me at a more favourable rate than they could purchase them from Prominence. I think the last offer I got was $50 (real money) for $7m chips or something like that. I didn't sell but I did see that player suddenly take a massive boost in the Leaderboard so either his luck changed or he found someone to sell him chips.
  4. This would be a bit pointless and not something I'd be in favor of. If the cap was raised to say... 300xBB max buy in, then everyone (or at least most people) would buy in for the max. You could/would still have players already seated who have built up to maybe, 500xBB or 600xxBB or whatever, so you're still in the same scenario. I welcome the addition of the $2m tables!
  5. The fact that 23o won the hand is not extraordinary by any means and certainly not worthy of questioning the RNG. AKs vrs 23o is only 2:1 to win. AK is a great hand for raising pre flop with but pushing all in with it straight off the bat.... is not something I would recommend. I think you are more complaining about the fact you got called by a donkey though than the actual RNG?
  6. I've seen people win over $50m in a single season. To reach a bankroll of $1000m is certainly not "impossible". It wouldn't be the Billionaires Trophy then would it? So what you are actually asking for is for them to delete one trophy and put in another, much easier one. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of players on PS4 who have achieved this already. It's the top level trophy. It's supposed to be special, supposed to hard to achieve! If it's easy, it's not an achievement!
  7. Nice! Similar hand happened to me in real life cash game once. I had AA, flop came A, 10, 7. We all ended up all in on the flop. Others had 10,10 and 7,7. Turn was an A to give me quads. Won about $1000 on that hand. It was a sweet feeling!
  8. Yea, send it to PSN with screenshots and they will be temporarily banned. If they've already been banned they will be permanently banned and may even have their console banned depending on the nature of the abuse. Sony do not tolerate abuse at all but if people don't report it they can't do anything. Incidentally I've received many abusive messages from players on Prominence (but not reported any). Always from people I've busted. It's like a badge of honour.
  9. I'm not sure those last two or three zero's line up right? Third from right looks a little smaller than the others. Is this picture 'modified'? Also, does Prominence not comma the figures? $5,000,000??
  10. Did your game end AFTER the season had ended? If so, then it makes perfect sense that you would get 0 points. The season was over!
  11. ahh yes, but that's including hands where the pair (or two pair) occurs anywhere within the 7 cards in play, ie. it includes hands where the board pairied. I'm talking only of hands where one of your two hole cards makes a pair with the board. As it's harder to hit a pair than to not hit one, it's correct that a pair should rank higher than no pair (high card). It's an interesting topic though.