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  1. Congrats on making it to Silver! The ranking system definitely needs a huge update/overhaul at this point. Check the leaderboards and pretty much 99.5% of the playerbase is at bronze. Only 8 players right now are in silver on Xbox. One of them was me, but I placed in 4th one game and spiraled down nearly 50 points. Every 2nd place win now I win about 3 points and a 1st place win is about 15. Every other place is a big loss of points. I have to crawl my way back up. Prominence Poker Team, please do something! It's a huge slap in the face when you rank nearly everyone of your players in the worst tier of the game. Every one of us are considered as the worst players lol
  2. I see what you're saying. It looks like it will take a lot of time for that to happen though. At this rate, the way the system is, it is working to pull everyone back down to Bronze. I can't see anyone making it near let's say Gold or Platinum because by that time, they will only be playing against way lower ranking players. Each win will probably be worth 1 point, and each loss will probably be worth -200 points (obviously exaggerated numbers but I think you understand my point.) All in all this ranked system doesn't seem to feel rewarding for any players currently.
  3. I'm fine with the ranking system of points, how you win more if you beat better opponents, and win less if you beat lesser opponents, etc. However the matchmaking completely sucks. How is it that every single game I'm the highest ranking player? That means I will be punished harshly for losing early and may even be punished for placing in 2nd! Get me a matchmaking system where I actually play people with similar skill or rating, then the system will be okay. Otherwise, right now, as a few people have already said, it is way too punishing for the higher ranking players.