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  1. I didn't know about the rake either until reading this post. Considering the rake is around 1k per 50k, i've probably lost about 4 million chips throughout my total won hands in Ring games. That's almost my whole bank roll. That doesn't sit well with me. Get rid of the rake PP team! It serves no purpose!
  2. If each tournament takes an avg of an hour, that's over 200+ hours, or 10 days straight of playing, winning every single tournament 200 times
  3. Jayhawker, you do realize you would have to win 200 tournaments in a row without losing once for Gold, right?
  4. I like this. There are no silver ranks on Ps4 right now and there will never be any gold, plat, or diamond without hacks.
  5. I'm not all that worked up about it anymore, but there is room for improvement.
  6. it's not about one match or bluffing. I appreciate the ranking system for what it is. I just wish it wasn't all about placement and a little more about how well you actually do. you deserve to lose the hand because you made a stupid call. It's just the bad beats I'm concerned about, but that's poker, I suppose?
  7. Some suggestions I have come up with: 1. reward more rank depending on how you perform rather than just placement in the tournament ex. knocking out a player, getting a lot of chips with your good hands, e.t.c. 2. reduce the amount of rank taken based on the percentage you were going to win that hand ex. Say you are heads-up, and you go all-in preflop with pocket aces, you are an 80% favorite going to the flop, reduce the rank lost by the same percent.
  8. I agree with what your saying, but, it shouldn't reward the lower rank players for being able to exploit this so easily by putting the fishes in the tournament all-in before you can even put all your chips in because of how much more rank you have to lose. It makes it all the more easier for lower ranks to push the higher ranks out with high bets that they cant call. I had a tournament where I came in second but at that point I still I had my 10k chips and the other guy had the rest, so I was at 4 to 1 odds right off the bat.
  9. previous reply was directed at silverside. Slim, the way It's currently set up just encourages you to stop playing until more people are at your rank or risk losing 100(44 is max, but still) for 1 loss like you said, which is not worth it.
  10. that happened to me a couple of days ago when a guy pre-flop raised 550 and I 3 bet with A9s. He shoved me with a Q, 2s on a dangerous flop. Flop was A Q K, so I folded. I was afraid of any two pair and a straight.
  11. today: shoved AQ unsuited on an A, 3, 5, rainbow. guy calls me with a 5 7 off-suit. Gets a 4 on the turn and a 6 on the river. How many points you ask? 34. previous tournament first place finish: 25. really?
  12. It's not like i can pick who i play against. if i could always play against people around my rank i would.
  13. i'm so done with this. I was at 1139 rating, which took me at least 6 tournaments to get, all first or second finishes. I come in dead last 1 tournament and come in fourth for two others; i'm now at 1037. 102 points in three loses. Compared to only gaining 16-25 points a tournament for first place...ridiculous.
  14. well, considering i came in dead last one time and lost 40 rank, which took me two first place wins to accomplish, i feel that it is too punishing based on just placement in the tournament. For example, that tourny, i shoved with aces and the guy only had kings, got his kicker on the river. That would be considered a bad beat and should subtract less rating...
  15. okay, so today i knocked out all 5 players in a 6 man ranked tourny. I only received 16 rank. Yes, they were all provisional ranks, but still, what's that about?