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  1. Is the worst poker game on PS4 that only feeds hours and hours of gambling with no direction to the player. improve the bonus system for more people to reach the 1 billion pot because the way it is does not encourage or spend real money. cheers for those who insist on accumulating chips.
  2. Klan Saito


    New suggestion: quick play by profile level. Exemple: level 1 (1-100), level 2 (101-200), 3 (201-300),...
  3. Klan Saito


    Video 1: Check it out this preflop in a row: -3:30 / 9 7 9 - 4:45 / 8 8 Q - 6:20 / K 4 4
  4. Klan Saito


    Well, I´m just uploading some videos from today. Later I´ll post here. I played same table in 1 hour and you can check it out. About hold´em, I play since 1999 (party poker / pokerstars). This is not the feeling, Poker is poker, bad beats happen. And it´s easy to argument if you are not playing. I invite you to play, it´s a pleasure if I don´t loose all my poker chips meantime! LOL
  5. Klan Saito


    Thanks Prominence!! I just lost 2 trap hands on river just losing because low kicker. It´s a festival preflop pair start, turn for nothin and river to loose all chips. Also several flush in a few rounds. This is nuts.
  6. Klan Saito


    Forget about billionaire trophy. This game is made for pay to win and advantage for low level players. Cheers Prominence Poker!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. What happen with quick play trophy list? They are crashed?