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  1. Rigged Shit, STOP your lying......bad business is good business nowadays.....Getting Prominence to tell you the truth is like getting the government to tell you the truth.......They're all just in in for the money....Why do you think they let you DL the game for free.? They know they are going to get your money sooner or later......You've turned this into a bunch of limpy Bingo Queens now.....Worse hand limping in WINS! Way to Go Guys!!
  2. How 'bout tables that correspond to your level. If you're level 1-100, then that's who you play. Level 100-200, 200-300 and so on, ALL the way up. I've played this game for 3 years now. I might not be a computer programmer or a video game designer, BUT, I can notice similarities and the EXACT same things happening daily. Once, you're up to over level don't get cards like you used to, back when you started. I've started 3 new characters now.....and from Level 1-100, you're a superstar, you can't miss a flop.....your flush ALWAYS comes, same with your straights, you might even see your first Royal Flush. Once you get over level 100, things begin to change.....your cards stop coming. I also notice every table you join.....Look and see who is in first with ALL the's going to be that level 18 or 25 or w/e......They're DEADLY.... Tournaments as well.....I've watched level 25's and 30's win EVERY single hand in a row and take EVERY single player out in succession..... Head to Head even worse......It seems EVERY single player I face, is a level 25 and I'm level 1200 and something, there is NO WAY a player ranked that high will beat a lower level. Again....go sign in with my lower level characters......and they can't be beat. I don't know if anyone else has felt that lower levels, NO MATTER what crap cards they play, every hand beat Higher Level players with solid cards over and over. I think the HIGHER levels gets confused and frustrated AND the LOWER levels just keep WINNING and just think they're awesome players and win with their horrible decisions, rewarded over and over.....that's the cycle to keep all the chips being bought. Anyhow, that is my request......Make tables that are locked to specific levels ONLY......That is all.
  3. I saw a chick get pocket aces 4 times in a row the other day.......yes!! quads, then a full house, then quads again...random my ass....You guys are taking advantage of a lot of older nice people that come out here to play with their pension money and whatnot, people that can't make it to the casino.You're setting them up to take their chips, some people have told me they've spent over 500$ real money to you guys. This is like a pyramid scam you guys have running and it's not right! Be careful robbing people for their hard earned real money guys....there's something called Karma out there and it bites keep making your money by lying to people.....bad business is good business nowadays.....Please post your monthly profits from everyone you have bamboozled, with your random card shuffler... Maybe post the profits right beside the random card shuffler statistics. Even if the pigs were called on you would just switch something out in your server room...and tell people to know their limit, play within it, or don't turn their Play station on and play the game....while you guys are sipping drinks on a beach with everyone's money....just be honest....just tell us how it really works, How does the system reallywork? it's really quite fascinating! Just stop lying.....please! I have 40 million, I've earned, not salty about losing or bad beats, just tired of the lies you people tell us and expect us to believe and watch occur on the tables, that is all....
  4. hustl3r

    Players going AFK

    Cry? you sound like one of them for sure......who would defend a cheater in a community when thousands have countless hours invested in the game legitimately? You don't even have a leg to stand on here. You would like it if someone say came into where you work...and in the first day, got promoted higher than you and a raise?? Is there any way the "Sit out" option be removed just in tournaments?? Not cool when they guys playing are going down pts. when people in ranked tourney's are just sitting out on auto-play....
  5. I love a perfectly rolled MJ cigg. with an awesome poker table with great players and I'm not ashamed of it Seven, thx for chirping in though bro, good luck!
  6. hustl3r

    Players going AFK

    I totally agree...this is a HUGE issue to be addressed....because it's an ADVANTAGE..... for these cockroaches that sit out on auto-play or away from table and finish better than guys that played the whole tournament.....and then I go down 7 pts. for third?? but the guy that sits on auto play finishes second again....
  7. Alright, great game, but fix these things already.....1) Your player still floats halfway through the table every time you win a hand. 2) When I am big blind and then someone else sits down at the table....I am big blind again...AND THEN if someone new sits down again, guess what? I'm big blind again Sucks at the bigger tables, adds up after a while. 3) On the Leader boards, you guys spelled "Largest Pot Won" "LARGETS" lol, are you guys high?? Anyways, I don't care if you delete this, but READ IT and FIX these CRUCIAL things, other than that, great game, like the new items being added too....that is all.