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  1. Also I almost forgot, what do people think about the aggressive fisted bet animation for anything over 1k ? I’ve always hated it. I don’t understand why it’s so aggressive and I can’t work out why or what it is supposed to convey... if I want to bet I want to do it leisurely not with the demeanour of Charles Manson . Is there ANY chance this might change? 😒
  2. Slightly off topic (ish) but this crossed my mind... if everyone was to go all in the very first hand of tourney, how would the points be distributed? Lol answers on a postcard
  3. Is there any chance we might get new character models. ie new hair, head shape etc height/ weight ..?? things like that would be cool. Just for variation.. also backwards caps would be highly appreciated 🤜
  4. So no one will miss pre setting to fold when you’re holding the nuts, with players in front of you calling silly overbets. Lol I will 😞
  5. I believe it’s the players not the rng. The reason people take so many bad beats, in my opinion, is because people will stay in with weak hands and just won’t fold. Then they hit a minor miracle trip 2’s on the river and we blame the devs. My theory for this has always been that the reason this happens is plain and simple. We’re not playing with REAL MONEY. And that’s why your experience of live poker is radically different to this game. That’s why people don’t fold. That’s why they stay in with junk. And that’s why there are so many bad beats. I’m pretty sure most people are folding their 2 if a months salary was on the line. Just my opinion though.
  6. can we get some clarity on this from the devs?? not only the down tiering but i consantly see a game 5/12 then sudddenly 1/8 ... 2/9 then 0/5 ... wtf? also had an 'ideal' game tell me matched 4/10 .. starting. i was gold. 4 silvers and a provisional
  7. one for the devs... came across the hearts mantra on the outfit of my avatar - 'Familglia Couri Carte'... nice. gave it a google. 'hearts' in italian is Cuori. LOL oh well.
  8. give me some help please... KK in the BB 5 limpers .. blinds at 100 - i raise to 400 UTG guy calls.. nxt to act shoves £10K and it falls to me, i think long and hard and think well, limp shove makes not much sense . i call... even this early in the tourney. lets do it... then UTG calls also.. now im a little worried but ok. she shows QQ.. not bad. ill take it. UTG shows 9/4 hearts. trip 4's. Out in 6th.
  9. i know how to update mate... my console has no updates available ... ive restarted it numerous times and still nothing. when i boot up the game im not prompted to update.. i just tried to play at a table and before i loaded into the game it crashed and just quit. but still no update and no prompt when restarting.
  10. ive restarted my console about 4 times.. still nothing.. im playing the old game still no mention of an update. john are you in uk?
  11. i see nutting even when i boot the game up its not giving me the option to update... what the hull...
  12. you think i didnt see the countdown? so what exactly is the point of being able to get into a ranked game with under an hour left ...explain that please? it makes no sense to me.. and i dont agree with you. it would be totally reasonable if you were to get into a game before the season ended that game would count.. i played a marathon tournament earlier that lasted three hours...imagine if that had been the game that i came out of with 0 points. This is stupid.
  13. so you mean to tell me i just sat for two hours in the last game of the season grinding my way to 2nd to get Diamond, only to come out with 0 points?! what the.... unbelievable. surely if you start a game before the season ends it should count towards your total? am i being unreasonable?
  14. thanks. i didnt know how to delete the topic when i noticed lol ...