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  1. Ohhh, you mean PP's game hub on Xbox Live? As far as I know, those are just clips from random users, there's no way to "submit" them to have them appear on the page, they just automatically appear there if the clips are uploaded to xbox live. It's not so much a "hall of fame" type of thing as it is a "here's what the game looks like so you can see before you buy it" type of thing, if that makes sense. No idea as to how they're sorted, tho. Or if there's any sort of screening process/waiting period before they show up.
  2. I recently opened somewhere around 100 loot cases. at least 80 of those were upgraded. Out of the upgraded loot cases, ONE of them gave me a 3-day boost, the rest gave me chips. No outfits, no table items, nothing. the only outfits & table items I got were from the un-upgraded cases I opened by accident. Are you sure about that 80% chance? Because I seem to remember official word from a while back that upgraded loot crates ONLY give chips & boosts. @ OP, Upgrading from basic loot case to legendary isn't worth it. No matter how many times you upgrade it, you'll only profit 5k chips. Legendary cases only give legendary loot, so if you upgrade from base to legendary, you'll always get 5k chips. However, lower quality cases have a chance to give rewards of higher tiers (Upgraded Rare loot cases can sometimes give Epic or Legendary chips). My rule of thumb is, only ever upgrade a case once.
  3. (Technically, your opponent had 8's and 7's, but who am I to argue with the mayor? 😉) Even though each player has 7 cards in play (5 on the table and 2 in their hand), the best 5-card combination wins. Thus, there is no such thing as "three pairs". Also, it doesn't matter if the pair is on the table or in a player's hand. a pair is a pair.
  4. Overall, i'd like to see slightly reduced turn timers. In tournaments, I'd like to see the timers scale with the blinds (ie: 10 secs at 100BB, 12 secs at 300, 14 at 600, etc). As the blinds increase, so does the weight of every decision.
  5. Especially considering that Pipeworks regularly does giveaways for that exact amount (3.5m) during their poker streams on twitch, and not-so-regularly on twitter/facebook. When the giveaways are held, they usually pick 2-3 winners. This is how I KNOW the chips are overpriced. Name ONE other game company that gives away $300 worth of content weekly. You can't, because companies don't do that. Which means in no way whatsoever are 3.5m chips worth $100. Even the devs don't think they're worth $100, and they're the ones getting your money. I was willing to buy a Boost at one point, before I realized that boosts aren't available in the shop. That's no longer the case. About a month ago, I scored a 3-day boost from a lootbox. In those 3 days, I managed to score another 20-something lootboxes, opening them as I got them. I got up to 29 days worth of boost before I decided to stop opening them. Now with 2 days left on my boost, I have nearly 100 lootboxes saved up. I don't want to open them, because they might have more boosts inside, and I need to take a long overdue break from this game. Since boosts tick down whether you play or not, I feel like I HAVE to play when a boost is active, and I don't like that feeling one bit.
  6. *sigh* Day by day, this post feels like less of a joke. If someone genuinely had a better had than me in the moment that money was placed on the table, I can own up to that and accept the loss. It's these obnoxious dice-rollin' donks pushing with inferior hands pre-flop & landing their longshot outs that drive me one step closer to life in a psychiatric facility. 4 times now, I've been 1 victory away from diamond in h2h, and each time my opponent made a miraculous comeback via a string of suspiciously good luck. I'm talking back-to-back pocket pairs, suited aces, catching every out possible. The most infuriating one was when I landed a 4-8 straight on the flop with my 4 8. My opponent was forced all-in by the big blind (2800 iirc) I don't remember her hand, but she had no chance to win it outright. Turn & river yield a 4 and an 8. She then proceeded to turn her refund into 5-ish K by cracking 2-pair, that 5-ish into 10-ish with a flush with 4 community cards, and then win the game on the hand after that with a pair. She pushed all-in pre-flop every hand. I had cards that were well within my range. She had unsuited, un-straight-worthy garbage. I went from celebrating my assured victory to losing in 3.5 hands. I honestly don't know if I have it in me to go through this crap for another month straight. I'm frustrated, disheartened, and most definitely tilted. Diamond Tier is a ghost town during my usual play hours anyways. Maybe I should just quit until the update.
  7. A lesson I learned the hard, expensive way: Splurge. Cheap headsets are just that - cheap. they're poorly designed, constructed with flimsy materials, and shoddy wiring. All $80 is going to get you is a headset that will last just long enough for you to save up another $80. Wireless is 100% worth it in a headset. On a wired headset, every time you put the headset on, or take it off, or shift in your seat, or look around, or move your head in any way, you bend the wires a tiny bit. all those little bends and pulls add up over time. Every wired headset I ever owned gave out within a year of moderate-to-heavy use. My first wireless headset lasted 3 years until my ex "accidentally" packed it with her things. My current headset has lasted me 6 years so far. Turtle Beach XP400. It was made for 360/PS3, but still works on my XB1. The bluetooth chat dongle doesn't fit on the XB1 controller tho, so I do need cables between the headset & controller if I want to chat. tl;dr - Splurge, and go wireless.
  8. The "base cut" depends on your level to which there is no cap. The maximum daily multiplier is x5, so 5 days.
  9. I've never played MKX, but yeah.... that sounds pretty much the same
  10. IMO, the only thing that's gonna keep Diamond players competing is to eliminate the luxury of a rating that never decreases. I seem to notice a general consensus that once you reach 1300+, there's no incentive to keep playing that season beyond bragging rights (or leaderboard standing, but... same thing). If you reserve Diamond rewards for only the top 5 or 10% of players, most of them won't be able to sit pretty & wait for their rewards to roll in. As for alternatives to the Golden Stogey, I happen to have a few ideas that might appeal to the masses. An Alcohol Vaporizer, which counts as both a Smoke and a Drink "Herbal" Tea, which counts as both a Smoke and a Drink Literally anything that counts as both a Smoke and a Drink A Dealer's outfit Appear as one of the random background NPC's Feature the #1 Ranked player on the loading screen Unique emotes (and/or quick chat options for when that feature goes live) Fancy nameplates Chip stack cosmetics (colors, patterns, messy/neat, etc) Real-life prizes, like Prominence Poker chips, decks, T-shirts, etc.
  11. Let's make affiliations a little more interesting, yeah? Here's what I propose: The Mayor has disappeared, leaving a power vacuum in the very heart of Prominence. Maybe someone took him out, or maybe he retired to a sunny beach somewhere, but one thing is for certain - The Deck Casino is about to come under new management. Fearing the bloodshed of an all-out war, the leaders of the affiliations agreed to settle this like adults... by gambling. Turf Wars - A tournament-style mode for 4 players (or 8 if we ever get 9-seaters). Each game will consist of one member from each affiliation. Instead of gaining a personal rating, players will win points for their current affiliation. Points across all games will be tallied, and reset each month. The affiliation with the highest score at the end of each month will win the deed to The Deck Casino, along with a cut of the casino's profits, reflected by a % bonus to their daily cuts. Victory is not without a cost, however, as members of the winning affiliation will have Infamy. Knocking out a player with a Infamy will award bonus rep in ring games and Head-to-head (but not 6-seaters, to avoid collusion. or keep Infamy in, but hide affiliations from the nameplates). You could also give members of the winning affiliation a discount on table refills, and change Thursdays to Turf War Thursdays! But I digress. To be eligible for the daily cut bonus, you would have to be a member of that affiliation for the entire month (or 21 days at the very least). You can't just switch to the winning side on the last day & get the prize... but you will get the Infamy, regardless of when you switched. Could even throw a personal incentive in there as well. Keep track of how many points a player contributes each month. Top 75% of players in the winning affiliation get a certain % daily cut bonus, top 30% gets more, top 5% gets much more, etc.
  12. I feel as though the point differences between tiers is a bit too extreme. If I'm a platinum, and I get matched to a table full of gold players, I risk losing 40 points, with only 20 to gain. Essentially, I've already lost 10 points just for sitting at the table, which would be fine, were it my choice to sit there, but it isn't. The only way to avoid this is to repeatedly quit & rejoin ranked matchmaking before "Ideal" cycles to "Good" Here's another thing I find silly: Let's say my Rating is exactly 1200. If I lose a Head-to-head against an 1199, I lose 38 points. Yet if I defeat a 1299, they'd only lose 30. Ratings fluctuate so wildly, and all it takes is one well-timed push to send you in either direction, that a person's Rating is rarely ever an accurate gauge of their skill level. Mine's been bouncing between Gold and Platinum all month. So am I a Platinum-skill player with bad runs, or a Gold-skill player with good runs?
  13. A countdown timer showing when the blinds will raise next in tournaments Detailed hand stats, including outs & percentage to win outright, once an all-in has been called, and players can no longer take actions until the end of the hand. And, of course, the option to disable them, for people who already have such things memorized, or don't want to know.
  14. Well, you're in luck, friend. I've been hitting the ranked tables hard all month, and I've discovered the SECRET method that the devs don't want you to know about! This list of tips & strategies is inspired by ACTUAL WINNERS!!! I call this playstyle "River River Chicken Dinner" THE GOLDEN RULE: THE RIVER IS KING. I cannot emphasize this enough. The River is literally the ONLY card that matters. No matter how terrible your hole cards are, or how hard your opponent is pushing, always hold out for the river. He may have flopped 3 of a kind, but that sweet sweet river is going to land a straight off of that 3 5 offsuit you clung on to, guaranteed. DON'T GET FOOLED. Pocket Aces? Flop a straight? Land a full house on the turn? Throw that garbage away IMMEDIATELY! Prominence poker only deals out good hands to lure you into false hope. Remember the golden rule: The River is king. The better your hand is before the River, the worse you are going to lose. CALL ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Have a 2 7, and your opponent just pushed with an AA6 on the flop? Call that idiot. You have literally the WORST hand in poker, but this isn't poker, this is PROMINENCE poker! Just sit back and wait for the 7 7 to finish off the hand. NEVER EVER RAISE. Raising in Prominence is only good for one thing - hanging yourself. It's a fact, whoever raises first loses, because raising means you have a statistically-favored hand, and that's the absolute last thing you want. LET YOURSELF BLEED OUT. The moment the game forces you all-in on a blind, you become invincible. you WILL win that hand, and every single hand after it until your opponent hands over every last one of their soggy, tear-stained chips. ACT LIKE A MASSIVE TOOL. This is a big one. Prominence is all about rewarding the scumbags who deserve it the least. Clap for yourself every time you win, and cha-cha a minimum of three times. Always show your cards, but only one of them so you can get muck-it rep for literally nothing. Randomly single out a player who's done absolutely nothing to you, and overbet every time they're in the blinds. Spam your hole cards button while you wait for your turn timer to run out, then do a Magic Trick emote, and select your action at the last possible millisecond. Bonus points on that last one if anyone at the table has a Boost active. IGNORE EVERYTHING A POKER PRO TELLS YOU. Position? Value? Texture? All that crap is meaningless here. The lucky donks outnumber the skilled players 50 bajillion to 1, which is totally a real number, 'cause science. All those one-in-a-million bad beats happen EVERY HAND, so there's no room for things like patience, or intelligence. (No, I don't actually believe this, this is meant to be satire. I'm a long-time supporter & defender of this game. I'm just salty on account of a bad run that's taken me from 1296 to fighting to hang on to Gold. 5 days into the season, I was 4 points away from Diamond. Four. FOUR FLUSHIN' POINTS!)