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  1. Free mom tattoos(Traditional Heart Forearm) on Mothers Day. Maybe do other holidays as well.
  2. The things you can do with your character customization in just about any game now a days is quite a lot. Now lets just say I buy the $100 chips package. I could easily spend the 1.1 million on one or two outfits and tattoo set. I get the transaction thing to be able to support development & future updates but I think the in game extras are priced to high. I personally enjoy dressing my character up based on the mood I'm in on any given day. Also I think too many people will all look a like at the tables with the same 5 or 6 noob outfits. Because even if they drop some cash into the game, more then likely MOST players aint gonna spend it on a $100k - $500k outfit. I would think that the $50 bundle would unlock a lot of stuff and the $100 bundle damn near everything in the game and a lot more in chips, maybe about 10x as much as now. Or maybe just unlock all the extras as you level up. People that really want that dress or hat faster WILL buy those table item xp boosts. I think the way the costs are at this time will keep most players to the small tables, there-for loosing interest. There's gotta be more money to get more players on the high stakes tables all while looking like they wanna look, especially if there dropping real money into the game.
  3. I use a 2 monitor setup. I noticed my main monitor loses signal then reconnects in a few seconds when playing in full screen. Has NOT happened while playing in windowed mode. It happens when I mouse click on the 2nd monitor then return to the game on the 1st monitor and mouse click back on the game(while playing in full screen). I am connected to monitor 1 - DVI, monitor 2 - DVI to HMDI
  4. I'm much better at poker then at doing forum stuff, but hi there. Can't wait to get a game going with some people. I also live stream from time to time on twitch. Give a follow and come hangout sometime. https://www.twitch.tv/seexrevenge