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  1. I forgot 3 time in less than a hour.
  2. I hardly ever see a win with just a high card and been playing for over a month I'm level 252. Someone always has something just for bidding wars. Just today I've seen 3 runners where someone would only need one card but hey there's always that flush possibility on the table. I see it constantly it's rigged and I'm sure others will agree
  3. Pocket aces 3 times in less than an hour? I've never seen until playing this game. Today I had pocket aces and another guys goes all in I follow he had 10 and a 5 the 5 being club only. The flop was AK and something else anyway I had trips aces but nope he gets 4 clubs for the flush really? Bs and I see this crap happen all day everyday it seems to never fail it's almost predictable.
  4. I never seen so many flushes trips and full houses as I see in this game it's set up for bidding wars. In less than a hour I seen pocket aces at ONE table I call bs.