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  1. Having problems still with character paying 3 times per round. As this happens character is not competitive and doesn't get involved in hands. Sometimes goes 500 or more hands getting nothing.
  2. Y is my character always having to pay 3 times in a table. 2 big blinds and 1 small blind. Not a lot of fun paying when you r not winning. Is there fix for my character. It happens at least 50% of the time. Please fix my issue on Kannon Ball 1
  3. Is there something wrong with just my Avatar or does everyone else have the same problem which I doubt. Please Prominence fix the issue or check out my Avatar cause it happens so often it is annoying and makes me mad when I am in the middle of a winning hand and I get booted off the table and have to relog in or watch my cards that where folded cause of someone coming unto the table. I played W S O P for about 2 years it was a pretty good setup they had. As of right now I would have to rate Prominence at about a 2-3 on the scale of 10. I think once you fix the issues and maybe add a few more ppl to the tables ratings might go up. Kannon Ball 1 waiting for fix!