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  1. Miss Ameryka

    What's in your wallet...

    I had finally hit 1M but now down to about 800K
  2. If it's the same card generator as FHP then I don't see why there's a problem. Nobody really complained as far as I knew back then. What changed? I do notice a lot of bad beats and pairs cycling around the table though. More than a few times I've seen pairs with almost every player. I've stopped playing as much because of this but i still come back out of sheer boredom because overall the game is fun.
  3. I'm really excited about this and to finally get back to playing this game I have fallen in love with.
  4. What additions would you like to see added to the site?
  5. I think this issue should take importance over everything else. I don't think I've turned this game on since last week and that's a first since September.
  6. I've actually thought about filming it. Would you like the link when I'm done? I don't know what platform you're on but I've checked out the steam reviews and saw the same complaint from a lot of people. Don't come for me. I'm just agreeing with the guy. kma.
  7. I have to agree with Doctorsmoketor. You can't always just bet someone out of a pot, especially not a calling station. 9/10 they will get their card on the river. There's way too many full houses, flushes and straights. What I notice is that if you're at a table for let's say an hour, you will see more pairs flop than anything else during that time. Sometimes back to back to back. Something I've never seen in any other poker game. I've also gotten the same cards, back to back to back as well as seen others. Seen one guy get pocket Aces twice in a row then another 3 hands later.
  8. Yea and I'm getting frustrated to the point that i don't play as much anymore. When I do, I stay away from the tourneys. The long wait time and jumping in and out of lobbies to find a full one isn't worth it to me. Please make it so that the matchmaking is better and faster.
  9. AS I've stated time and time again...no.
  10. Miss Ameryka

    Tournament Matchmaking

    Please fix this before any cosmetic game changes. Rather play than have it look prettier.
  11. Well that didn't start out rude at all...
  12. Miss Ameryka

    Question about position

    I'm just learning this myself, though I've always understood just from experience that it's better to be in late position, that way you're not caught in the middle if you call a bet and then someone after you re-raises. Also, if the board doesn't look promising for anybody and everyone is checking and you're in late/last position, you can bet and win the pot because most likely, everyone will fold. Occasionally you get someone who slow plays their monster cards. I really hate that because there's no reason why they should still be checking by that point.
  13. Why feel so strongly about what someone does with their chips? Once you lose it, it's no longer yours. They can leave or come back all they want. I do it ALL the time and personally, I find it funny as hell. I literally laugh out loud when I win big, do the cut throat, wave and make my exit.
  14. Ok so I play on XB1 and last night around 8pm EST the game froze. When I restarted and came back, it let me in only to crash again. Came back and on the loading screen to go back into the same lobby, I got a disconnect error notice through the game stating that I wasn't connected to the internet. I was. Tried again and again and each time was a different problem. I would somewhat get into the lobby but instead of the loading line at the bottom, I would only have the A-10 cards circling at the bottom right. It was loading but it really wasnt loading me into the game. I would have been sitting there forever so I just cut it off and did something else. I'm hoping tonight is better.