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  1. HeartfillFlora

    Characters and Venues

    Also I would enjoy a special Beta Tester title and Shirt for some style. Also steam trading cards would be cool? Also selling the OST etc for cheap with a bundle of chips would be nice, I have been enjoying the soundtrack thusfar.
  2. I would love a dlc or free update someday with a british gang with Pete Gold voicing the big boss. He was also in payday 2. Also maybe a crossover with Poker Night? Poker Night isnt really a competitor due to online, but if you cant do with them directly maybe just have some characters from other games in poker etc. Would be really fun. Also some alt deck skins for certain ranks online, if you are host?
  3. ill let you know if i get it tomorrow
  4. i got my first cut today and i have been playing past 3 days. i didnt get any cut before today.
  5. just rebooted, seemed to have fixed my issue, i also finally got my daily cut. but the past 2 days i wasnt getting the cut. any way to fix that?
  6. I have been playing for the past 3 days or so, running fine with the only issue being buggy chairs and shadows at the Kleaners. But this morning im getting a crash at the splash, it will have that popup before the title even appears, and will only play the intro video
  7. I am having this same issue as well. My steam username is Heartful Avian. Also when i was playing i was not getting my daily chips