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  1. From the way a huge part of the pp community has shown to react whenever anyone expresses any sort of criticism, sorry to link that to you Luck would be very much what i need against those k4 os shoves. Gl2u2
  2. First of all, in case it wasnt obvious, the whole idea was to mock the wording. You open a category called "news&updates" and find something like hi peeps we are preparing for news. Thats kinda redundant. Secondly, i still cant see this info you are talking about in the opening post or anywhere in the thread really. Last but not least, no i did not watch any stream or click further links, i was actually hoping to find those news in the news category, thats just what my brain suggests its for. Yes i read the thread. No it doesnt start "Hi folks, good news: the update launches today on stream and in about a month or so on consoles. It includes the following features..." Ps: Take it easy, im long past getting into arguments with pp people, it was meant - while sincere - as a sort of (famous german) humour
  3. Guilty. a) refills have become dirtcheap (What were they? 3600? And now 500? Something like that, a full table feels the same as just your own did, and with only 2 or 3 players its really nothing) b) the game hands out way too many free chips (aff rewards couple 100ks real quick n easy) n stuff (Chests; including chips themselves and chips for duplicatesalvaging) by now. c) Many other items dropped significantly as well, eg handgun 150k->60k. Prices less than half, income doubled, chests with freebies... ...Unless you are a bankroll / highstake ringgamer the money has become l i t e r a l l y worthless. Why not get all your hq tableitems to a couple 1000 instead of keeping track of counts. Plus cba to do it from the menu. Rep isnt even my goal. It doesnt do much as it declines with every spam and high levels take tons of rep. Its just a convenient way to keep tableitemboost for me
  4. Yeah all I care for is a date sorry. "p r e p a r i n g to give n e w s", like really? so its an announcement that an announcement will come some day for new stuff... to be announced? no levels, no good, 610 since forever
  5. HyricanDR


    you wont be able to get past level 210 or 260 (if they add a tier) as a diamond either. you n e e d to change affiliations if you wanna shoot for the maximum possible
  6. HyricanDR

    Max Level

    The maximum has been 610 ever since spades hit half a year ago... 1) every affiliationrank is 50 levels worth of reputation divided into 10 rewardsegments of 5 levels. 2) as of now there are 3 affiliations with 4 tiers each -> 3 x 4 x 50 = 12 x 50 = 600. + the 10 you have before joining an affiliation -> 610. at least thats how it was when I left. 3) 310 sounds like youve played before spades, when there were only hearts and clubs with 3 tiers each -> 2x3x50 = 300 (+10) 4) 1000+ ? i call bs on it lol once they bring diamonds its 4x4x50 = 800(+10) -> 810 Only if they add yet again a tier for every affiliation (which they did when spades came lifting every aff from 3 to 4 maximum) upon introduction of diamonds we get 4x5x50 = 1000 (+10) -> 1010 ps: to level up you need to play a not yet maximized affiliation in case that isnt clear. And the higher you are within a tier the more rep it takes. eg leveling hearts rank 3 segment 1 is faster than leveling spades rank 1 segment 10. you always level fast in the beginning of a tier
  7. HyricanDR

    Your Math is Wrong

    Why would I? Anything people say on this forum is met with some kind of "you so bad" which to me is, yep, a personal attack and completely pointless to begin with. Due to this being the primary content of half the peoples posts nowadays instead of adding anything worthwile to discussions/on topic, I asked CC to delete my account a while ago and still do (there doesnt seem to be an option for users to do it). So warn, penalize or ban as much as you like. Worst thing I'd do is kiss you for it, I'm not keen to stick around *lol* When exactly those people look at pictures with 30k+ chips on tables totalling 60k and "see a trend of losing", calling them slow -> in response <- (I wouldnt get it on with anyone who behaves properly. What goes around comes around) is more than polite Ive been called a troll, liar and "somebody" suggested to me I might wanna stroke another users c..k. That flies, but "slow" is too much? hah
  8. Or u could do the same with zanatoo? Not just selfcentered I see, also hypocrite. If you cba to the read long posts, why would u still answer? Because you arent interested. Totally makes sense overall - funny how literally everything people say becomes drunken rambling, incoherent and gibberish. Why anyone would talk to you is beyond me, Id assume you wouldnt survive going to a bar
  9. HyricanDR

    Your Math is Wrong

    You talking to me? I really hope for my sanity not. Then dont read. ELSE read on please PSA For slow people, those are tournaments with 10k stacks. The stack is shown ABOVE the board, the pot is BELOW and its 0 cuz it already paid out. Me having a 30+k stack in many pics is far from indicating a loss, quite the opposite. It means I hold more than half the tables chips and probably went headsup or won. I tried to learn how to beat a game full of joes, but ill stick to poker in the future. 6 people and being 8k-13k means either game just started or I didnt want to play the cards I got, its 1-3 pots from the 10k everybody starts with. There is only 1 pic where im truely on the brink of elimination with 750 chips after AAA and I lost so much because I told him k 10 is a hand he should lay down ideally by placing a huge paywall on my pocketrockets before the board turned on me.The other guys which got their monsters cracked were so smart to slowplay and then go allin when its all over. Im not involved in all pics when you see red X at my holecards, but won 4 and lost 2 of the pots when I am, losing only KK and AAA (not getting off the table). In case thats confusing Im the chick and you can see my cards above me in the 2 pics where they are facedown on the hud, both made straights and won. Thank you for your attention troll nr 2574 who appearently cant tell pot from stack, you made the new worst post ive seen lately *Facepalm* PS on a serious note, that laying down trips is only half sarcastic. It really isnt that unlikely to complete the others straight if he hangs around. Watching betting behaviour and goin through all steps again can help figure it out.
  10. No its not. You dont know what everybody else is seeing (How do you do that again? Going by the 5 people you like best on this forum? Who represent like 0.00001% of pps playerbase? So automatically nobody has seen anything, dont even ask the other 99.99999%) and that remark is silly. Half the people on steamreviews make their point shitty rng designed for badbeats and betting wars. Dont get me wrong I wouldnt value those peoples opinion a penny either as theyll mainly be scrubs and people who havent even given the game a decent amount of plays. But to say im the only one is simply absurd. There are enough people out their cryin their eyes wet, even if most offers little substance. Btw other people have made TOPICS on this rng on this forum. Not saying what they said was right, but calling em nobodies is harsh man 31% when and brought up why? I gave you the exact play it was kj off 8 percent kq suits which neither opponent holds 1 of 14% Aces 76% I know the number if you limp and play many opponents going for "trap or crack" is a lot worse but why you keep mentioning those things is beyond me. Its not like I played the first time, that much should be understood oO 1. Yeah and at the same time play the damn thing for 6 or 7 months hours and hours being level 610 affs 4.99 and gold+ every season (Ok there werent many seasons, but I trust id make gold+everytime without trouble and, usually sit at plat and some day get a diamond or two as well), make suggestions, point out flaws (Not the rng quality since you dont agree... I mean all the other things such as wrong payout descriptions, 100 rep for royal flush, 500 bonuschips for million buyin plays and the like, but see other threads. Even if you dont like me you should find some critic reasonable I hope), respond to every second thread etc I get that some people enjoy trolling/ sparking things intentionally for the sole purpose of sparkin em especially teens, but im beyond that honestly. Wouldnt wanna make a game look bad that I enjoy(ed) and had too high hopes for oO i got called out for sparkin things before mind you, but theres usually the thought of critism behind it, not malice ^^ 2. Yadayadayad I told you to just look at the leaderboard! bottom plat mister warprulez, HyricanDR same as here (Ps4) so no magic needed ... It shouldnt be too hard? Askin other people for r e a l efforts but not make the s l i g h t e s t yourself. Pfft. I dont know whos lyin, but I sure know who talks a lot out of his ... IGNORING even hard facts fed to him then say even those could be a lie. Please tell me about insanity, you seem to have experience (Again kudos for the tone. Real pleasure to trade some shots. Would be boring otherwise) Its pp I played, and yes 1000+ ranked tables plus 100s or 1000s of casual (which I cba to check anymore). Actually i think (people can see that or not? Im not a 100%) you could click my profile on this very forum if the games leaderboard is so far away and see a banner with 500+ t r a c k e d matches or so. That was like 2 months ago, ranked being relatively new. dunno exactly but it really shouldnt matter. -> Why would I lie, you can see it ingame and unless you suggest i hacked it or made this acc to troll on the real hyricandr dude... YOU are just being a troll with these statements suggestin all i say could be untrue despite being able to check it easily?<- And no im not trollin on hyrican, i have accepted players from this forum on psn friends too 3. Well of course im not mentioning the nothing happened hands when driving a narrative, thats fully understood and I wouldnt claim the opposite. I didnt say I got aces 3 times in a ROW, im not even saying it was more often than 1 of 210. It probably was given I played 2 or 3 hours which shouldnt total 630 hands but thats not an interesting occurence oddswise anyways. Its higher than expected but still very plausible. The point was I lost all 3, I lost them "Allin" preflop. not shoved (I prefer to 3 bet and slowpoker. And on the x k x board with 2 clubs for flushdraw I would have put thought into what amount to call and what not as I absolutely didnt like that flop. even if aces are likely ahead but not as much as preflop, u c) but called a shove. Most people would be happy to hold AA in the blind and see the dude before them shove - and win alot. I am not at all as i lose 3 of 3 one day, 2 of 4 the next, 2 of 3 day after. Dthat doesnt lead me to believe it would balance out at expected values if a good day is winning 50% with dominating hands and less on bad days. The grand total point on them is: they dont win as much as odds (And while a lot of people play huge ranges, its hardly ever 5 against my aces in which case yes youd lose a lo and yes its true to odds. That only happens on 100-5000 buyin. But I play gold+plat, 10k-50k casualT as higher buyin never fills and try to get people out of hands to enforce high winchance) suggest FOR ME, and when I do see opponents they also tend to lose an awful lot with qq kk and aa. Totally fine, maybe just unlucky (Its great if you witness differently/ true to odds in your game. I just dont) I stop believing in this being unlucky when the gap is pretty huge after 100s or 1000s of those. Like winning 30% of supposedly 70-80 scenarios. If i won 60%? Ehhh theres variance and bad luck, ill take it. Yes I often talk from the top of my head and can be slightly off / will be s l i g h t l y off almost guaranteed, but not majorly. The overall narrative isnt made up or lied. When I say i lost the last 3 aces, i lost em because its not much to remember at all. When I say I lost the last 20 (Which I did say at one point about high pockets in general) maybe it was only 18 or 19 ok. But im not saying ive lost 20 of 20 when In fact Ive won 5 or more. Thats just to far off to be a memory error/ "wrong impression" Zan: The problem is a) Im on ps4 b) i have no social media or other accs some people nowaday consider must have. Because for me they arent. I have a mail, amazon, ebay and university thats pretty much it. Im not going to create any acc whatsoever to "prove" something to randoms when, hardfact, its not important? If i lost 3 million on partypoker and thought it was r i g g e d, id have a reason to put in effort. We are talking bout an f2p by a small studio Ive never heard of before and im saying IMHO odds get violated due to poor rng setup (seeding conditions/ Initialiazation as people take or leave seats, different rngs for each seat to create cards instead of shuffle->draw from one) and quality, not rigged. It costs me nothing but a bit of volunteerly dedicated freetime I can stop investing any moment. Thats not a national desaster to go supersayan on. C) ps4 outputs mp4 D) 15 years ago as a teen I would eddit and up "Fragmovies" of games I hardcored (Q3, UT). Ever since ive had ZERO to do with any of this stuff. I play consoles and use pc for uni/work/Shopping. Im not familiar with how things work today at all, wont convert, wont register and especially wont get socials people in my environment dont use either, pure waste of time and spreading personal data D) I said a couple of times I c o u l d up vids too if given link matching above criteria? Nobody said anything on that. -> I never refused it per se <- . I recorded half the tables I played given how convenient it is to do THAT on ps4. and deleted on daily base as hdd fills up quite fast if you imagine playing that much and recording it all. Despite me explaining myself probably 5 times on various rng threads at no point did anyone say "this site <link> allows convenient mp4 upload, please do it as really like to see video of this particular thing happening. Are you sure twitch accepts mp4, doesnt ask for socials like fb, google+ or anything? and at best doesnt ask to register? Record is convenient, share doesnt seem to be. Weve been there before, have we not. E) What different is a video of back to back 6 8 6 8 8 6 8 6 to screenshots for example? You can see everything that needs to be seen in that example. Stack/Pot matches evidently to be back-to-back, both hands are visible, board is visible, venue still same, hero+villain look same. Why wouldnt you believe that i get things s i m i l i a r to that on daily base if i flood the place with screenshots. I may have played 30000 or so hands but the footage is usually just a day or two given 200-300gb free ps4 hdd which im not makin backups of. Its really not a collection of super rare stuff happening once or twice of 10000s, it takes a couple tables to make a montage of em*. Which is all you could do for things like "last 20 lost" as theyd span more than just a couple of hours. And if I did provide that montage, youd say I just left out the 30 or so ive won in between. Pretty pointless Total: Cant up on ps4 without social accs. Export everything via usb to pc then up it which isnt a thing I like to do but ok once or twice. Its actually more work to look through the video and take screens but forum allows embedding those. When i googled I found a few sites allowing to up without registration. Many dont like mp4 and I wont run conversion. I tried with vdub which I used back then, doesnt accept mp4. Downloaded a plugin that supposedly allows mp4, didnt work. Googled for tips, found only complains that it doesnt work. Others accepted the unedited mp4 but 60 mb clip was still upping after 3 hours and gave no progressinfo bar or anything just a sandclock like win 95 lol. At 120 mbit down 6 up I assumed its broken/ will never finish and gave up. Im not takin an editing seminar or register accounts thats the whole problem... Or was. As of now the problem is Im not playing PP * at this point to warp again. You missed the point with the first example for sure. Im not saying seeing QQ back to back "once or twice" after dozens of tables is evidence of a poor rng. It absolutely happens and I can live with that. The second on the other is almost spot on. Im saying that getting this same combo like five times in eight hands just seems off to me and ask an oddwizard to prove me wrong which I might be as Im going only by gutfeeling. and than you playing on as usual not noticing truely odd things until 3 or 4 hands later another combo does the exact same (my guess is a reseed causing this, but l have no insight so i can only mention whats experienced not whats causing it obviously. That its a good simulation of what people call "random" I cant get myself to agree with. If your game looks different, good for you. Not being sarcastic) You are right it doesnt matter much (Still queens are 1 out less 4/52*3/51) whether its QQ or 2 7 (4/52*4/51) unless you allow 7 2 permutation which makes it a lot more likely, but I assume you exclude this permutation via "exactly" 2 7. 2 7 than 9 6 is a weird thing to throw into back-to-back debate but i guess its not untrue either if you make these combinations the demand before dealing. The reason QQ is used is only that people tend to pick it up as you say, while 4 8,2 7 etc only get picked up by those who already look for it. They also tend to not get played and showed nearly as often which you should consider when saying you never(/Hardly ever see it. And its exactly what I claim to see. You dont have to buy it, but im not lying. If saying that makes you sleep better, oh well. Just dont go out in the real world expecting people to take it kindly Gl n HF, BB, definitely wont respond to this anymore. Each his oppinion
  11. 1. No. If you actually looked around you would find that I have more than just once said stuff... will say it a last time before ignoring you, argue reasonable or leave it be. Those 0815 responses are boring,do you honestly think ive never heard of em, or wouldnt be aware of THAT myself? Of course you see a bunch of things in 1000s of tables, that is understood and not why i hate the rng and/or my luck (Which i know just isnt good generally) or anything. its not about "in one of those tons of games", its every second table I play. I played 2 yesterday. otherwise im not playing atm, got aces 3 times and 2 of those 3 times I was last to act preflop. Lost them all. Went like this: First raises a bit to 3-5 bb (k j os), second instajams k q clubs, I call third making the "Wtf" emote signalling my aces knowing how itll end hoping for at least one fold but you do what you gotta do lol. first calls [Dont ask me why... Kj os 100k allin first to act. Bah] nevertheless. flop x k x with 2 clubs and im "Ok bye". Flush comes, not shocked. Aces aside, there were kings 2 times shown. Both shoved preflop. Once against A 8 suited, which made trip 8s (Just for the record those were mine. No im not noticing only when i get beatings, but also when I deliver them), the other time in a 3 way versus A Q and A 9. A Q takin it by pair of aces. Again yea 5 of 5 pocket beasts losing to bad decisions (And they were considering odds. Luckily the generator doesnt know holecards have 4 total in the deck like all others and instead of drawing from a shuffled deck "Creates" cards. The same ones over and over with bad seeding) is unfortunate, but happens... every now and then! My problem is how PERSISTANT it does. If 80/20 and such isnt 80/20 ->in the long run<-, we have bad quality. No I wont "prove" it, im just saying it isnt for me. yes its only personal experience. But its not proven otherwise by running 1 hand versus pot either. Before you ask again why that is look at old posts, there are plenty -> You hold 4 8, make a pair of 8s. Next hand A Q, flop 4 8 8 turn 2 river 7. "hands made" statistic picks up what? A pair and high card, seems good. This can continue forever and nobody gives a thing about the 4 8s dominating odds as oong as it doesnt effect our hands we expect. Oh look a straight with 4 J 8 6 4 board and 5 7 hole. Fits nicely. Want more "Yeah blah" stories? If i play tomorrow, ill have a couple. Nothing to do with the 1000 tables. The 1000 tables were thrown in simply so you understand my samplesize is ,yes too small scientificly if i wanted to prove anything (Which I dont), but still bigger than yours (For example) 2. I have said it before it is not ->JUST ME<- because ->YOU dont<-. Thats not how it works. There are -what 7+ billion?- people and you shouldnt speak for all of them. For all i know there are "at least" 3 people in this thread who arent happy and 3 more on steam reviews lol. Remember the post that you labeled incoherent? You dont think ill write the same post again only because youre being self centered or something? e v e r y b o d y needs to pick it up? In what universe does that logic apply? "oh err i often do this and that and, only check the game if controller rumbles to indicate my turn". And yeah, everybody picks up patterns the same way. We are all totally equal. L M A O And the last thing along the lines of first paragraph: drop this "So..." tone as if it wasnt true/a lie. You can EASILY check the leaderboard on the 1000 games (ranked only, its been more total obviously) youll find me at bottom plat 1205 or so atm. I wont provide footage for every word I say. Further on that "Who of us is the liar" - if you hadnt brought it up, id say nobody in a mature way and we just experience different parts of the game, which you might want to consider before getting provocative Since you did bring it up however, trying to imply rude things. id say Go pick bananas... to not violate forumrules zan I do sometimes, but not alot. Depends on how good my hand is and how reckless the enemy bets/calls. Cant say it never happened. Can say im still ok. John im currently enrolled as student but no longer present at university. There are indeed days were I play 10 hours a day, sometimes more. Some of my days are without sleep, like right now. Its 4 am and ill probably skip it. Not sure that has to impress anyone, but if it does... Thanks Plenty of people like that on mmos. Korea can be pretty extreme just from what ive heard. No not every table lasts an hour. Im not always last to be on it either, good that you guys are. I admire you. God you thought other communities were toxic, try these sarcasm masters
  12. Dont get me wrong but... Kings arent strong, and you dang sure wouldnt CBET a 10 4 2 board after leading out? Because the other must have 2 pair? So he called a leadout with 10 4, 10 2, or 4 2? Or a straight draw? I hope u mean A 3 suited, not 3 5 os. Trips are the only thing you should expect to beat you there, and 10 10 would be a very tight limp leaving the realistic hands down to 2 2 or 4 4 . Which wouldve been a very good trap playing it the way villain does. Sorry that input doesnt sound like good poker, unless you play doyle brunson where you should instafold that flop. "on prominence" Seems the right thing to add. You might have to fold the riverbet if too large thats true. But until then placing bigger bets to either close it or doublecheck villains got you make sense, and they really shouldve closed it
  13. There is a greater reward oO you get the reward every month whereas the dude who "lucked" gets it only once if they updated the titles and items each season he would have one to show off while you have plenty to choose from.
  14. HyricanDR

    Quick play trophies

    What would I know. But they patch all 1-3 months or so and you never know what they do (like those broken things... Didnt get attention last two patches so im not counting on the next to do it either). Point is, askin several times within just days doesnt make sense, they dont patch that frequently. So I bring it up every 1-2 months
  15. HyricanDR

    Quick play trophies

    Relax. The display of ranked payouts is wrong ever since they introduced it. These trophis are broken ever since introduction. A lot of the challenges make no sense (Play 50 hands in MILLION BUYIN to get 500 chips. Get a royal flush for 200 rep). A bunch of people are capped out level 610 all affiliations at 4.99 and diamonds are still missing. The butchers venue is killing consoles performancewise. Hightier ranked is hard to get games for, and people all have suggestions how to improve the system. A bug here, glitch there. They add things like quickplay because they too have ideas. They made a thread asking what ppl want. Most dont say any of the above, but ask for omaha and multitable. Theres a lot to do (Not sure trophies are a priority)... and they arent fast