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  1. Still 6 players. You can expect: A New Affiliation Venue Rank Clothing, Items Loot Cases Earn shop items, chips, boosts, and more! Get one every time you level up. Changes to the matchmaking in Ranked Should do a better job of matching you up against players with a similar rank. Progression There will no longer be a level cap Lots of quality of life changes Bug fixes
  2. Concept art We'll have more information about the Diamonds on our stream today which starts at 2PM PST on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/pipeworksstudio
  3. I'd encourage opening up a ticket to Customer Support: https://support.505games.com/en/support/home Thanks!
  4. It should be easier to obtain once the new update drops, at least that's the goal.
  5. I would recommend reporting the player through the built-in console report features.
  6. Yeah, this is something we're aware of. Thanks for posting though!
  7. We're prepping for some news about the diamond affiliation update. Stay tuned
  8. They should receive/loss points as a typical sixth place finish. Might have been a display bug.
  9. We've taken some steps to help eliminate some spam posts/accounts. Of course we'll be monitoring our changes to see if they help alleviate the recent barrage. Thanks for taking the time to report any posts you come across.
  10. It's coming, we're still in the process of bug fixing :).
  11. Have you done a support ticket? They are really fast at responding to these types of requests: https://support.505games.com/en/support/home Thanks!
  12. Not quite yet. We'll let you know as soon as we can. Thanks!
  13. It's good to see this thread still kicking and screaming. People complained about the same thing on our WSOP game, and we used an entirely different shuffling mechanic. We have investigated these reports and came to the conclusion that there doesn't need to be any adjustment on our end. That being said, we're not in the business of censoring threads unless they break our forum guidelines. Remember to respect your fellow peers; everyone is here for the same reason.
  14. Thanks for taking the time to join the site and introduce yourself. Welcome to the community!
  15. Hey there! I've went through your history, and it doesn't appear at any point you lost 100,000 chips. Our back-end data is pretty robust so it's normally pretty easy to find any discrepancies. What timezone are you in?
  16. You can quote people on your preferred platform, and they'll receive a notification :).
  17. Welcome to the community! How long have you been playing?