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  1. Pardon any issues you might have come across. We've completed a major update to our content management system which brings a host of new features. Some of the new things you'll notice: Clubs - You can now create clubs on the site. This functions similar to a clan system. It allows you to connect with other people on the site and have an exclusive place to post content that is relevant to your club. Reactions - You can now react to content in different ways, and that has an impact on the different types of reputation another member in the community can receive. For a full list of all the new stuff you can check this out: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community-42-r1030/ As is common in these circumstances, some unintended consequences might pop up after the update, so please let me know via a PM if you come across any issues. Thanks!
  2. 7/22/17 Fixed incorrect calculation of several Rep awards Environment music now honors the music volume setting instead of the ambient setting Added some logging to help track down some server errors A few minor cosmetic fixes
  3. We're planning an interview with our Lead Designer, Brandon Ulm. What type of questions do you have for him?
  4. A Recap of Recent Hotfixes Since we released the new Diamonds affiliation we've been looking through the forums and addressing your feedback as it comes up. Here's an overview of the minor patches that released over the last couple of weeks. 7/17/17 This update fixes the "Not Enough Chips" error when going from a ranked games search to QuickPlay It also fixes a rare crash 7/14/17 Loot cases will award items only for your current gender Improved messaging around trying to join games with an insufficient bankroll Fixed a couple of rare crashes 7/12/17 This update should fix the inability to rejoin a 6 player ranked tournament after at least one player has been knocked out. It also fixes a very rare crash on the game results screen. And those of you who have negative hands remaining on a table item boost should find that you now have more than zero hands remaining on that item, after re-Entering Prominence. 7/5/17 Player counts in the Ranked Games lobby, back by popular demand Your missing 2% table item boosts have been converted to 5% boosts A few minor cosmetic and server fixes
  5. Should be fixed now. Let me know if that fixes the issue or if you come across other things.
  6. Made the changes @rockguy24 requested. There's a theme changer in the footer of the site, so you can switch to your preferred affiliation.
  7. That's a relatively easy thing to fix. I'm going to be rolling out the other affiliation themes, but I can also make the old one an option as well :).
  8. Console browsers are usually pretty bad for this type of thing since they aren't updated. In terms of being able to find new content easily, we added a search function which allows you to sort all content by the last 24 hours.
  9. You'll want to click store once you have Steam open. There's a search bar on the right side of the interface. You just need to type in Prominence Poker; it will appear as a drop-down option. There will be a download button below the video player; on the actual Prominence Store page.. Once it's downloaded you can play it from your library.
  10. If you hover over community there's Leaderboards now. Search function has been added which a lot of people wanted. Should be better on mobile. Once people give this a good look-over I'll enable the other 3 affiliations so people can choose :).
  11. @Farmer John40, @rockguy24, @Hecubus912, @Zanatoo, @Warp, @Red and his P90
  12. I've rolled out the Hearts Affiliation Theme on the website for testing. This should by default replace the old theme. Feel free to take a look and poke around, there's a lot of new functionality added. Thanks!
  13. Today, the long awaited Diamonds affiliation comes to Prominence Poker! This much-anticipated update is now available to download on Steam, with a console release coming sometime in July. This update brings a ton of new features to Prominence Poker, provides a lot of quality of life fixes, and squashes bugs. Many thanks go out to the community for all their support, patience, and feedback since launch; we couldn’t do it without you! Big Updates • The Diamonds Affiliation. o New Venue: The Diamonds Executive Suite. o New Underground Content. o New Rewards. • Affiliation Rank 5 - 50 additional levels per affiliation. • Loot Cases ( Earn chips, boosts, shop items, and more through Loot Cases. Players will receive a loot case each time they level up.) • Shop items are now classified by rarity. • New Achievements. Notable Changes • Changes to Ranked Matchmaking which should do a better job of matching players against other opponents with similar skill levels. • The level cap has been removed! Level up to your heart’s content • Enjoy a free boost on us! • UI: Lots of quality of life changes. • New VOIP System. • New Sit Out Timer System. Fix Summary • Many bug fixes have occurred throughout the game. Make sure to let us know if you come across any!