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  1. Tech companies are a bit different than video game studios, plus we're in an area where the cost of living is much lower (at least for now) than other hotspots like Seattle, San Francisco, L.A, etc.
  2. We made some adjustments to the speed of the game in general without touching the blind structure so hopefully that at least partially addresses some of that feedback. That update is currently live on Steam and should be launching on consoles in the next couple of weeks.
  3. Greetings! We'll be releasing a quality of life update shortly which will address the following issues. Fixes: Adjusted loot case chip rewards and upgrade prices to match store prices. Upgraded loot cases will never award duplicate items or nicknames. Ranked tournament rating calculations are now based upon relative tier instead of precise relative rating. The winner close up at the end of a hand is now shown only if the hand is interesting enough. There are now roughly triple the number of win/lose reaction animations. Some improvements to the nickname screen to make it more usable. Lobbies now show a background image representing the chosen venue. "Waiting for next hand" is now shown when you join a ring game in progress. Fixed a bug that caused the bankroll shown while at the table to not immediately reflect the chips earned from a challenge. Fixed a bug that caused the community cards in the HUD to get stuck showing the previous hand's cards until new cards are dealt. Fixed a bug that caused the daily cut timer to be inaccurate and misleading. Fixed a bug that caused the daily cut spinner sound to repeat forever. Fixed various cosmetic bugs in the main menu. Many bug fixes to reduce server disconnections and improve stability. Made adjustments to the animations to speed up gameplay. Thanks to everyone for their reports and feedback. We look forward to providing additional updates in the future! Expect a similar update to drop on Xbox One & PS4 within the next couple of weeks.
  4. Pipeworks 24 Hour Extra Life Stream! Tune into our 24-hour Extra Life stream starting 8am PST 11/4! We'll have code giveaways thanks to 505 Games and Re-Logic! https://go.twitch.tv/pipeworksstudio https://go.twitch.tv/terrariaofficial
  5. Because people were exploiting. We'll need to find a balance.
  6. The loot cases are getting some TLC in our next update.
  7. We've covered this perceived issue extensively in this thread: http://www.prominencepoker.com/forums/topic/2638-deck-shuffling-clarification-it-doesnt-seem-random/
  8. Did this happen once? Has anyone else heard of this happening? Obviously if this exists it's something we would like to patch immediately, however we'll need more information.
  9. That would require a title update. We were looking into some hotfixes that would alleviate the issue until we follow-up with a patch.
  10. We made some adjustments in the back-end to try and combat this issue. It might take a little bit of time for this to take effect, but please let me know if it begins to curb the behavior. Also, reproduce just means what are the steps people are doing to make this occur. Already got it patched in this case, but just keep that in mind in the future.
  11. We use a modified form of ELO. There's a thread buried somewhere in here that goes over it in detail. This is something we're aware of and are looking to adjust.
  12. We actually do have a VR tech demo running on Prominence, however for us VR is just not worth the investment because the user-base isn't there.
  13. We've talked about cross-platform play. For us it makes sense after a possible mobile version.
  14. FYI, if you guys need to get a hold of me for whatever reason you can either send me a PM on here or ping me on Twitter @clearconscious.
  15. You might be able to position your PS camera on the bottom left side to cover the cards, otherwise you'll need a streaming application like XSplit or OBS.
  16. Our QA team was able to reproduce this. I'm confirming to see if it will be fixed in the next patch.
  17. It's been nice to see a windfall of new PC players over the last week or so. I think when we look toward the future cross-platform play makes sense.
  18. I'm wondering if any other high-profile members of the community had anything else to add?