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  1. ClearConscious

    Thank You Devs

    Thanks for the kind words. The team at Pipeworks has gone above and beyond with this game. I'm really proud of the team. This constant iteration wouldn't be possible without the community's support. So thank you. We love you guys and the game.
  2. @The Mayor Another instance of the issue I emailed you about.
  3. Hey everyone, We have a small update releasing later today on Steam that is a ranked lobby redesign. The changes are as follows: Automatic matchmaking in ranked games has been eliminated. You can now choose to play at your tier or up to two tiers below. Buy-in and Entry Fee are now different for each tier in ranked games. You can now indicate your preferred venue in ranked games. Majority wins the venue choice. Thanks for your continued support!
  4. ClearConscious

    Server Issue

    @mkelly4ca Can you look into this?
  5. We're hoping to have more information to share about a particular feature people have been requesting, but as of right now it's out of our hands. Trust me, once we can share information, you'll be the first one to know
  6. What's your NAT type? Could be a port issue.
  7. Just a reminder that subjects like this can toe the line of being inflammatory., so let's keep the discussion productive.
  8. We have some plans, but don't have any definitive dates to share quite yet.
  9. Here's a brief overview of the new features & changes on the forum. Let me know if you come across any weirdness, transitions between significant updates can be fun. 🤣
  10. ClearConscious

    ps4 with mic looking for few 21+ friends

    Check out one of the clubs:
  11. ClearConscious

    March Update

  12. We're happy to announce that a new update is available for Prominence Poker on Steam. Xbox One & PS4 will receive the update sometime soon. Patch notes New hourly event Fight Club - double rep on weapon items. Cigarette packs and lighters are now included in Havana Nights. New rep reward Oops - for when you folded what would have been the winning hand. Boosts can now be purchased in the shop. Bankroll and Ring Game leaderboards now represent public games only, not private games. Avatars will no longer play with their table item during the player's turn. Multiple table item refill gifts from another player will now show in one consolidated message in between hands. Adjusted a number of annoying or repetitive ambient sounds. Upgraded loot cases are shown as upgraded on the loot case screen. Various fixes to improve stability and reduce disconnections. Make sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below.