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  1. Changing the table items so the more expensive give you more of a boost % currently all table items either give 5, 10 or 20% but it's just the item that may be expensive, for example I can either wth the bottle of water & someone else can sit with a gun but we both get the same boost %. change this to allow the boost % to increase with the more you pay for an item, I can remember in WSOP FHP the boost % went up to 150%
  2. It depends & im basing that on my style of play (might be giving a few things away here), but dependent on where I'm placed in the tourney & how many chips I have, I may attempt to take the pot to build my chip stack & table position, but if I know I've got the hand, I will slow play the tab,e to take more chips & even try & rope someone in & take them out?...
  3. Don't know what you mean @ClearConscious i was was just teasing @Mike Kelly when you had advised you had added the 40000 I was due!
  4. @Mike Kelly thanks for the fix Just hope I don't need this done every ranked season, you could have added an extra 0 to the chips you added 🤑
  5. On loading PP Xbox one, I get to my daily chip rewards, which I collect & then there is an advert of what's on offer, I.e. Reduce price on a table item but after I press A button the game just freezes & the background music sticks & I have to then switch off & try again but I can't get past the login page to get to any tables. any help appreciated @ClearConscious Cheers
  6. This has always been the case, it's the same with any tournament 3rd place, you loose chips for 3rd. Its been raised a few times but nothing!.....
  7. Agreed, there should be the same high points for winning as there is for loosing.
  8. Oxbentt


    @ClearConscious this isn't appropriate language @Jayhawker you can't use this level of profanity against a fellow gamer, everyone has the right to there opinion, you don't need to agree or gisagree but using such material as I said previous isn't appropriate.
  9. @Zoltan6201 what offensive emotes? Surely the guns, grenade, knifes are more offensive than any character action, I don't find any of these offensive before anyone jumps in & has a pop.
  10. @Savage the he info you provided doesn't give anything away as you haven't advised on points or formulas. The info might look 100% to you but it doesn't give us mere players any supporting info that we weren't aware of but no real reward. The player with the highest rank is meant to win the tourney, that's what's been advised but if that player sits out every hand until the last 2 players & then wins the tourney he/she will get the same points for winning that player B (with the same rank score) would get if they knocked everyone out. Its incredibly difficult to get enough points to get to silver, you may win a few tourneys & get a few platings but when you don't get the cards to play or win you take a massive hit as the players at the table all aren't ranked & the tables I have been placed at, the ranks are mostly lower than mine so even if I do win I don't get a large number. It would have been better if Ranked worked in a set of standard points for the 6 players, I.e. 1st 30, 2nd 20, 3rd 10, 4th 5, 5th 1 & 6th 0 points. Looks like I will have to play far more 5k ranked games than I thought, when I could have been building a bankroll playing 50 or 100k ring games. cheers
  11. I'm also on Xbox one. There has been an issue with trying to join lobbies in normal tournaments not matching up 6 players, it's unclear if this issue was addressed. I waited for ages trying to get a normal tournament in 50k, 100k & 200k games. @ClearConscious should be able to clear this up. You will get a Ranked head to head or a Ranked tourney no probs. Ive never had any issues chatting at tables, have you got your party set go private only or are you on mute, worth checking your settings!.. The single player us a god way to get started & build rep & a chip stack, add me a a friend on Xbox one if you like & when I'm on, I can invite you to a table @Joey Pats Whats your chip stack anyhow? Gd luck @ the tables, one you get there? Lol
  12. Welcome to the game. Why don't you join a lobby & see how long a time it takes if any time at all to get to a table. single plater will give you free chips when yo beat the henchmen & the bosses along with rep so you can go up the levels. Strap your headset on & just start talking, if nobody else has a headset on then they won't talk back, some players may just mute you What platform are you playing on? Are you a troll?
  13. So we've now resulted to name calling, I was given a warning for such behavior @ClearConscious, so I assume the same punishment will be dealt to everyone in this thread for the same offence. Like I said at the start I went all in, fook if I don't need to explain myself to anyone, I own my chips & I will play as I seem fit in head to head, ranked or non ranked & if you don't like it then tough!.. @Farmer John40 I don't understand your point in you post "BTW Clear can & will ban people from this forum" What have I done to receive this treatment?
  14. Completely agree @RentedCalmness their noses are covered in brown stuff & just for the record @Jayhawker I only played all in every hand poker in 2 games but seeing as you dislike it so much, I can't wait until we cross swords & you get put in your place.... That's if you can climb out of the developers rear end for 5minutes!...