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  1. Bruh... I really don't care how you or anybody else feel about my posts. I'm chillin!!! I'm not here to appease anyone. Reading my posts is optional.
  2. It feels like an eternity waiting for updates... I've been waiting for almost 2yrs. When you all have some info please let us know or you can just DM me. I won't tell anybody. 😎
  3. My exact quote... key words... 'my interests'. I'm a big 'The Dark Knight' fan. It's the best batman movie ever. Just for the record. But who cares, right?
  4. DaWiz_

    Ranked Lobby Redesign

    ETA says July... Are you all on schedule???
  5. This would be a game changer. I think PP should compete more with Four Kings & Casino in a more robust way. Great ideals and input!!!
  6. It's all good... My apologies. I honestly don't why I'm still posting anyway. I'm just here for update news. I didn't know my profile pic was considered an avatar. But anyways... I'm just a dumbass who can't take a joke. Life moves on....
  7. Yup! I look just like The Joker. Honestly... WTF are you implying. We're talking about in-game avatar 'customization', but you on some other shit... like always.😒
  8. On the PS3 there was this game called 'Playstation Home'. The Four Kings game is the best resemblance of PS Home. In PS Home players could customise everything about their avatar and then engage with others in the world. Most players created avatars that represented them. I would never use a female avatar bc guys would approach me. Sometimes I would meet a player thinking they're a female just to find out later it's a man. It's hard to meet and engage with people in the 'avatar world' if a player is being deceptive about a very basic feature... man or woman. Some guys would use female avatars just to troll guys who were looking to befriend female gamers. I think it's bad taste, but whatever. All in all, my avatars will always be a representation of myself and my interests, aside from tattoos and other stuff. Personally, I think that's why customization exists. I don't won't any man messaging me thinking that I'm a woman. Either way I'm here to play poker in an unbiased way.
  9. Does it represent the right form of poker though? I don't think it does. Is it a cool feature? Maybe... not. Can you deceive your opponents this way in live poker? The evidence suggests not. That's why other poker platforms don't allow this information to be seen. Additionally, it's not about rushing to action. A lot of players want to register a decision prematurely (for numerous domestic reasons) and have the action executed on their turn... it's that simple. In live poker players can not use 'bluff signals' or make decisions 'out of turn'. The same should apply here. Someone on this forum once said I was being clueless about how poker works (paraphrasing), but here we are debating whether bluff signals and preselection visibility should be included in the game. This feature isn't in the dozens of online poker games for a reason, but those games also don't operate in an avatar environment (except for Four Kings). Why are we trying to make something that's 'universally' bad and illegal in live poker right in this game? Baffling. 😕
  10. Sup Devs... I'm so ready for updates... it's about that time! When will the floodgates open up? Are we going to see a couple updates on different dates? Or will we see one big update? I'm ready to play the best online poker game!!!😎 Roadmap
  11. I can't think of any 'all-in-one' event names for skulls, money, phones, etc. Maybe you all can keep it simple and just have a generic 'Random Item Event' that excludes tables items from the other events. Overall, it would be nice to have an event that doesn't include smoking, drinking, and gunslinging. Additionally, since this games has a lot of international players I've always thought that the addition of more 'country flag tattoos' would be a nice addition.
  12. Hello... Please post your PSN ID here. My PSN ID is DaWiz_