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  1. Well I hope something changes. I like your game. We asked for basic text chat and more casual tourney options, at minimum. That shouldn't be to much of a hassle.
  2. Originally I agreed with the devs on this topic, but after purchasing a Nintendo Switch this past Christmas holiday my mindset has changed. The NS is highly underrated. If Warframe can run on the NS then I'm sure PP will have no problem. Overall though, the NS is a kids console. My wife and I bought one for our 9 yr old, and she loves it. I play around on it when she's not on it. I would love to play PP on the NS, especially since the current poker lineup is non existent. I'm not sure how many adults are using the NS though... Kids, it's time to learn poker. 😜
  3. Just started back playing after a long hiatus. In regards to updates, we didn't get everything we wanted. But at least matchmaking for Ranked Games is working properly, it seems. I still think this game has potential to be far greater, but it seems we have to settle with what we have currently. With that being said I think the devs did a great job with the foundation for this game, but the lack of updates and improvements is disappointing. I was ready to spend some money on this game since it was free to play. F2P games must operate a certain way in order to gain, keep, and have a healthy profitable player base. That operation must include continuous updates, improvements, and digital content. We didn't get that here. Another game I play by the name of Apex Legends has had to figure out the F2P model the hard way too. Creating a F2P game and keeping it vibrant is not unique to just Prominence, it applies to all games. The F2P model has been working out great for Epic, I don't understand why other devs won't follow suit. But anyways... beggars can't be choosers 😜
  4. What's up with the Roadmap? We were supposed to get quick chat and a casual lobby redesign this month. Just curious. Roadmap
  5. I'm not sure the status of this update, but if players are able to customize matches I think there should be blind length limitations. Shorter blind lengths for lower buy-in's and longer blind lengths for higher buy-in's.
  6. I think this game would be better without preset actions altogether. Players should have to wait thier turn in order to make a selection. IMO, removing preset actions would place a greater emphasis on RAM movements. Just a thought.
  7. The new ranked lobby UI is incredible!!! Love it!!! I've played about 12 Diamond matches so far. The competition is great!!! The user experience is great!!! I voice chatted with other Diamond players and there's a general consensus that more Diamond incentives is a dire need. We really want that. My personal goal currently is to reach 1400, just because. See you at the tables!!!
  8. Thoughtful post, but I respectively disagree. This ranked lobby redesign has been in the works for a long time. I'm finally excited to play ranked games again. Previously matchmaking for ranked games was 'automatic' which was the source of the problem. Now matchmaking is transparent and 'manual'. If the player base were allowed to send mass invites to diamond players across 'all regions' that doesn't equate to finding a diamond match quicker. Some of those diamond players may already be in a game, in a different time zone (sleep), or offline. Additionally, most 'online' diamond players will already be searching for a match too. I also don't know if players would be open to receiving constant table invites (in-game or thru their platforms network). With your suggestion there would have to be an 'opt out' option (for in-game invites), and if players decided to opt out this sort of setup would collapse. The new ranked lobby redesign is the best way for diamond players to link up. Also, diamond players have a guaranteed 'option' to play on platinum tables. The tiered buy-ins is also extra incentive to wait for a diamond table to populate. Let's give this update time to develop, because it is much better than any matchmaking setup since ranked games were introduced. Hopefully, the devs will continue to take heed to the community's feedback in regards to more diamond incentives and in-game notifications to help diamond players coordinate better. Some other suggestions have been to extend the ranked games season to give players more time to reach diamond. Or, IMO, the devs can create a more robust monthly tournament by introducing top 5 (or top 10) incentives and prizes so that players are enticed to keep playing for 'supreme bragging rights'.
  9. The wait is over!!! Thanks devs!!! Right now players are switching tiers like a chicken with its head cut off, but I'm sure everyone will adapt fairly quick. Good deal!!!
  10. IMO, the devs should display the seat number inside the circle instead of the selected venue for PC. This way players will be more aware of the process. The goal for the current setup is for players to know and coordinate venue selection, which I think is unnecessary. As it stands, each player can see their venue selection in the background. Players will know, by default, that majority rules once the match begins. As for the PC player count, that's a bigger issue that I would rather discuss with the devs directly. In a nutshell, this game needs to have more exposure and more convenient access to pry PC players away from website based poker where downloading additional software (Steam) is not required. Good topic and post.
  11. Nah... its all good. I'm not here to be perfect. I mess up sometimes and I own my mistakes. I care about the game and its future. I care about the devs and want them to continue developing. I care about the playerbase having the best user experience. During my tenure on this forum I've tried to be fair and balanced with the majority of my posts. Most of my positive posts are ignored by forum members. The reason I've stayed around is because late last year the devs reached out to us and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to reach back. Since late last year most of the likes for my post have come from the devs and I really appreciate them. They're really the only people who matter in regards to developing the game. IMO, the forum response to the devs reaching out has been lackluster. The Roadmap forum response is evidence. I've only called one person on this forum a troll and that was Rotravi aka Tor Ivar. I considered his repetitive posts and constant critique of the game (w/o considering the Roadmap) trolling. Although, his actions still don't justify me calling him a troll and I apologize for that. Personally, I don't think I've been trolling the forum (or creating odd troll items). Sometimes I might be satirical, but I try not to be offensive. If I've offended anyone in any way, I apologize. I'm not a messianic figure and I will never be perfect on this earth. So it's not my goal to try and meet those expectations. To avoid confliction on this forum I'll just direct message the devs moving forward. Have a great day!
  12. Well I'm done with the PC version since it's just a test site. I'm not a test dummy. Plus, my PC doesn't have a lot of graphical power. Farmer... You put the cherry on top for me. I'm so tired of this complacent player base trying to shut me up. This is a FORUM!!!! I talk about more real shit than anybody!!!! I try more shit than anybody!!!! And I'm still disrespected!!! SO FUCK IT!!! I'M OUT!!!!