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  1. No, I'm on PS4. When there are errors that "crash" the PS4/game, it goes to a blue screen error. I was able to submit the report that sends along to PP, but not sure if they are checking these reports since it's been radio silence around here lately. I've asked other's who I game with regularly and a couple of them are also experiencing this issue. Just trying to figure out what's triggering it since it's not everyone having issues.
  2. Over the past week, I've been receiving a lot more authentication errors in game. I play a tournament every day, and get this error at least once per day. Last night, it was followed by a blue screen error. This is the only game I'm having issues with in regards to errors/connection. Is there a way to fix this on my end or your end?
  3. Hello! Yes, it seems the loot cases give out an insane amount of chips. Boosts are next in line if you're lucky. Anything else is super rare, it seems. Like you, I wish the loot cases awarded other prizes other than chips all the time. Hopefully the devs will update the likelihood of receiving items other than chips in loot cases in the near future.
  4. Welcome to Prominence! Not everyone is going to play your style of poker. Sincerely, Snail
  5. Not everyone thinks the game is rigged, Tor. You do a lot of name calling of people you seem to play with regularly and trash talking the developer's of this game. Haven't you "been finished" with this game multiple times already? You keep coming back to play this game and it's "rigged" cards.
  6. This evening while trying to earn my daily objectives, the game stopped counting my progress at some point. I needed to play 30 hands in ring games. The counter was stuck on 29/30 for more than 15 minutes. That's about the time I realized nothing was being credited. To fix this issue, I closed out the game and reopened it. Upon relaunching the game, this bug fixed itself. This is the first time I've encountered this issue. This issue happened around 9pm CST. I'll keep an eye out for this issue repeating itself.
  7. So glad this is live on console now too! Everything looks great and seems to be running smoothly so far.
  8. If you're on PS4, when you select the game, press the "Options" button and then select "Check Recent Updates" or similar wording. I don't have my PS4 on at the moment for the exact directions. Also replying to this before seeing if patch notes were added to the site already. lol
  9. The PC version is NOT a test site. There is a PC version of this game for people who prefer to play on PC. Wiz, you seriously need to chill out and stop taking everything so personally. You are correct, this is a forum. However, it's a forum for other player's and the devs to talk about the game. People are entitled to their opinions just as much as you are.
  10. Ok, cool thanks for the screen shot! That answers my question about the rank point changes if you decided to go down a tier or two. I haven't loaded up PP on Steam yet, but agree it would look really cool to have our avatar pics from PSN showing in the circles.
  11. How does the point system work with this change? Will you lose more points if you chose to go down a tier and place below 3rd place? Our group is trying to get clarification on this. Thanks!
  12. A friend of mine suggested calling the event for skulls and the rosary beads "The Haunting Hour" or "Fright Night" Not sure about the other random items.
  13. Hello! Check out the Roadmap and see what they are working on for future updates. https://www.prominencepoker.com/forums/forum/25-roadmap/