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  1. LV_Jag

    I quit Prominence Poker

    It's OK, Tor didn't quit. He's back playing again. ūüėā
  2. Does it really matter though? I am a female and always chose female characters if I can. They have the best hair/clothing options after all... It's not an issue unless you chose to make an issue out of it. LET. PEOPLE. ENJOY. THEIR. GAME.
  3. I agree with you. It would be nice to receive things other than chips in my loot case. Most days, I try to stop myself from upgrading the cases because it will just be chips. Like you said, receiving chips isn't a bad thing, but it would be nice to receive something more exciting on occasions.
  4. Join us on Prominence Poker Legends on PS4. You can find us under the Community section. Or, feel free to add me LV_Jag and I can add you to our community. We are an active community with tournaments happening pretty much every single day/night of the week. A majority of us have mics and we are all adults.
  5. Stop talking for everyone. "everyone" doesn't agree that the game isn't good or fair. Fair is a silly word to use here. Is poker suppose to be fair? The whole "You've been Prominence'd" is a joke a few of us like to say on our regular weekly tables as a way to blow off a river Ace or something similar that gave us a bad beat.
  6. Could the Holiday Surprise (Christmas gift box w/ bomb) be included in the Fight Club event, please?
  7. Great, thank you so much!
  8. Please reconsider increasing the amount of points we receive in H2H tournaments. Playing in H2H tournaments isn't as fun as it used to be anymore. It feels impossible to climb without spending hours and hours in that mode. Not sure how many of the people I game with regularly are on these forums, but I've spoken to others who feel the same way and would like to see an increase in the points won after completing a H2H tournament. Thank you!
  9. LV_Jag

    Ranked Lobby Redesign

    Thank you for bringing back the tiered buy-ins. When those were taken away, I kind of lost all motivation to work hard to rank up to Plat/Diamond.
  10. A poker darling? That sounds fun. Although I feel like I'm more of a donor than anything else this month.
  11. Hollywooding? There are too many terms. Just going to play poker and be labeled whatever.
  12. I'll "play dumb" and slow play depending on the table I am at and who I am playing with in PP. I don't play poker in real life and would never do that at a live table. However, in PP, I'll do this if the table is full of all-in dweebs. I'll play dumb and let them push their whole stack in and I'll happily take their chips after taking forever to figure out what I'm going to do with my Full House, 4 of a Kind, or Straight Flush.
  13. Not sure if I suggested this already or not... ignore if I have. Can we get new hair and make up combinations in the future? Can you add necklaces for accessories? I love the long gowns in the game and would love to give my character a really beautiful necklace to go with her outfit.