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  1. I'd like to see a limit on the amount of emotes (the actions with the d-pad) players can do per minute, hour, etc. I was playing a ring game and a player named Glaucos One was constantly doing the clap one. Like dozens if not hundreds of times. He was doing 5-10 in a row frequently. I like to have the sound on but it'll really drive you crazy. They're doing this on purpose to constantly annoy people as a trolling method. I really like having the emotes feature but it can really be abused by some. Muting them only mutes their mic and not the sound of the emotes. I have a feeling that if a limit isn't put into the game that more and more people will start doing this. Thanks for the great game Hope you consider this.
  2. As anyone who has played on regular poker sites knows, they allow you to assign colour tags and text notes to any player you'd like. I think for a console that text notes wouldn't really work as people would be using a virtual keyboard with a controller to write them and it could slow down gameplay once its their turn. However, assigning a colour tag to someone could take just a couple button movements. For higher stakes ring games and tournaments where you play the same people often, this could be a great feature. They could assign green for loose, red for tight, etc. As mentioned these features exist in regular online poker and I think would be something nice to have in this game as well. I'm not sure what button mapping could be worked out to do this but there must be something.
  3. I have no idea if they're able to keep players in a party out of public tables. Somehow I doubt it. Just seems like something a game can't control since its a basic Xbox function. Could be wrong though.