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  1. Tor, I have strongly resisted the urge to respond to you but I just can’t anymore. There are a bunch of ways to get beaten AK v 23. Yeah, I’d probably never make that call, but there are lots of people who would. AK is at BEST, a toss up. If you don’t hit, there are at least six cards in the deck that beat you. So you hit a bad run out. It happens. It will continue to happen, because it it poker. Sometimes it happens more often because people take silly risks with play money. For all your vaunted skill, there is also an element of chance to the game. Learn to live with it.
  2. Hecubus912

    Ranked Lobby Redesign

    I don’t recall a debate about it. I do recall that it worked and more people were able to attain higher levels.
  3. Hecubus912

    Ranked Lobby Redesign

    How about that any disincentive to play the game for any player is bad and that incentives are good? The only complaint I could see would be rewards being issues every 60 days instead of every 30 days. And you could solve that complaint easily by doubling the reward. Maybe I’m wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.
  4. Hecubus912

    Ranked Lobby Redesign

    An extended season will give more time for the Diamond tier to populate and people will play if they have enough time to regain Diamond if they happen to lose. Fixed point winnings, regardless of the tier you’re playing against pretty much removes the whole purpose of separating us into tiers to begin with.
  5. Hecubus912

    Ranked Lobby Redesign

    It’s not a change. As I understand it, you start the new season as provisional, but with a hidden ranked point score that is the mean of the points you earned the previous season. So, if I’m the previous season you went from 1000 to 1300 points, you’ll start your provisional games with a hidden score of 1150. Note that even finishing Diamond the previous season, if you play your provisional games poorly, you can still end up under 1100. As for the Diamond games problem, if they won’t eliminate seasons, can we at least try extending them? This is the second season in a row I’ve gotten to Diamond in the first week and then not been able to play a ranked tournament for the rest of the season.
  6. The whole point of the points system the way it is set up is that, in theory, a Diamond player should beat a lower tier player because they are the creme de la creme. In fact the whole point of the tiers is to stratify players based on their skill. Without point reward differences for playing against lower or higher tiers, what’s the point of having tiers at all? Buried in your post, you hit the nail on the head in terms of what the real problem is: poorly populated tiers at the higher levels. Indeed, if you manage to hit Platinum within the first 3-4 days of the season, I’ve found that you have to wait about a week before you can start getting full Platinum games going.
  7. Congratulations at being #1 on Pure Poker. I used to play there quite a bit and see no difference in the cards that come down there or in PP. In both games, I’ve been on both sides of unlikely suck outs. That’s the nature of poker. There are a ton of videos of Phil Hellmuth getting burned by bad beats. He’ll rant about it and often he’s right to rant. After all, he’s one of the top pro players. He knows what he’s talking about.
  8. I second that emotion. From a standing start at 1000 pts, you have to be +10 in your win/loss just to get to Gold. Forget about Platinum unless you’re really focused in Heads Up play. Yes, +/- 30 pts make for a roller coaster, but at least it gives you a realistic chance at the higher tiers with having spend your life away at the expense of full tourneys and ring games.
  9. Where’s the logic behind that statement? If you lose chips in a ring game, they always go to another player. So why would that player need to buy chips? Sounds like you think the game is set up to make some players rich, and only certain, presumably specific players, broke. Maybe you just need to play better.
  10. Hecubus912

    Booting Disconnects

    I don’t think that is unreasonable and ought to be enough to reconnect in most circumstances. Thanks for the quick response Mike.
  11. Hecubus912

    Booting Disconnects

    I think at the very least, you should have the same amount of time as if you had actually gone to sit out. 20 minutes might be excessive, but I’d probably change my mind if it took me more than 20 minutes to reconnect.
  12. Hecubus912

    Booting Disconnects

    I’m not 100% sure. I wish I had timed it last night. I will say that you guys have done a great job improving the connection stability and it has become much better. I suppose part of how much time you should have depends on when the clock starts. I’ve had times where it seemed I was disconnected, but it was just lagging. Other times, I have not gotten the disconnect message but was afraid to wait longer. I’m not sure where it’s at now. All I know is that last night, it wasn’t enough.
  13. Hecubus912

    Populating Tiers

    I know that all too well.
  14. When people disconnect, they need more time to get back into the game. The amount given can simply not be enough sometimes. First off, it can sometimes take a minute to confirm your worst fear: no, it’s not just lagging. You’ve disconnected. No message comes up saying so, or sometimes it takes a while to come up, so you’ve already wasted a minute. So you restart Prominence. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it takes a while to load only to eventually tell you it can’t connect. Meanwhile, at least another minute is gone. Maybe two. So you get your XBox to test the connection. Another minute passes until you’re told the solution is to restart your router. Maybe you have to reboot your XBox too. By the time you can get back into Prominence, it is way too late. I know some people find playing against disconnects irritating, but believe me, it is far more irritating to get tossed from a game when you have a big chip lead in a ranked game and you’ve been running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to reconnect only to find out you’re too late.
  15. I’ll try this again, expecting the answer “no”, but maybe Mike can explain the rationale. Once again, after three unlucky months, I’ve managed to make it up to Platinum. And once again, I’m having a hell of a time trying to rustle up a ranked game full of Platinum players. I think I’ve only had three, maybe four after I made it 4 days into the season. This has always been the case and the reason has always been the same: a lack of tier population. It is worse at Diamond where not only are there population issues, but the risk/reward issues are a disincentive to playing at all. I have maintained that the solution is simply to eliminate the seasonal resets. The populations will fill up, people will be able to find games at the appropriate level and players wouldn’t be forced to put their controllers down or into ring games to satisfy their poker itch. The only rationale I’ve heard is that people will get to a tier and just sit there getting their monthly rewards and that would ruin the game’s economy. I would argue two things: 1) Most of the people playing ranked games don’t care about chips as much as ranked points. They play for the points and for the love of the game. Sure chips matter, and I like the idea of tiered buy-ins coming back, but I really don’t think that’s why we play ranked tournaments. 2) If the people aren’t playing, how can amassing chips hurt the economy? For their chips to have any impact, they have to circulate in the economy. Not playing? No circulation. Regardless, that issue could be solved very easily either by eliminating chip rewards for the tiers (with tier buy-ins coming back, there’ll be plenty to win) or by having to play a certain number of games to earn reward. It is no fun waiting 30 minutes waiting for a table to fill, having to bail every few minutes because it keeps dropping from trying to find ideal matches, to good matches.